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  1. Альфа не поворачивается вслед за направлением штриха, при включенной функции "Вращать вдоль движения". ВО время скульптинга как воксельного, так и поверхностного. Скриншоты не стал прикреплять, так как запрос очень простой. Версия 4.9.40
  2. Talik

    3DS Max Applink - Complete Rewrite

    I'm using 2012. Same bug as in early version. It imports ia mesh in 3D Coat every second
  3. Talik

    height based painting

    Yeah. Watch for white rectangle in top (by default). Select more on concave/less on concave more on convex/less on convex. A mask will be applied
  4. Talik

    Brushes on hard drive

    Custom strip works fine now (without a reason). After relaunching 3D coat maybe. One question less. Where can I find brush data on hard drive to keep all brushes in one place?
  5. Talik

    Brushes on hard drive

    I've made a custom strip. Inside Photoshop it looks well. But inside 3d Coat it changes the image ratio. Is this fine?
  6. Talik

    Brushes on hard drive

    I'm making my custom brushes. Where can I find default brushes on hard drive to keep my brushes and defaults in the same place?
  7. Talik


    So it simulates SSS as an emissive map inside the mesh? Am I right? The SSS is the biggest wishlist of mine. You know not many programs that paint in 3D are running on CPU. It's a big advantage for those people who work with realistic rendering.
  8. According to the name of topic I just want to remind that bug is not when using LMB. Bug is that normals are higher when using Layer/Surface/Object button. It's easily can be checked cos clicking LMB gives the same result as in preview window
  9. Talik


    Hi everybody. I've found some videos on youtube called "SSS 3D Coat beta testing". How does it work? How to export these maps and will the preview in viewport inside 3D Coat be the same as in other applications? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xi1c61wgt2Y&t=1s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8k6tHi-Vxxg
  10. Talik

    Softimage AppLink

    It's nice and practical but it's better when script imports textures and put them in the right place in material
  11. Talik

    Softimage AppLink

    I don't know how you've done this but texture exporting presets for V-ray are awesome! I know that 3-D Coat is pbr and was surprised by it's capability with non-pbr workflows. I would be so happy when XSI imports textures from 3D-Coat via script. Currently it exports meshes to 3D-Coat and back only. Maybe something's wrong I don't know.
  12. Talik

    Softimage AppLink

    Thanks for quick reply. Since I use "Open in original App" inside 3D Coat it imports geometry but no materials. Textres are not connected to material and are not imported via Applink. How to make this happen? As I use "Open in original App" inside 3D Coat" there is no mental ray preset to export textures. I use 3ds max Arch&Design. Do I need to assign mental ray material first before importing from 3D Coat?
  13. Talik

    Softimage AppLink

    I'm still using XSI! Cos it's an amasing tool. Softimage and XSI are a beautiful couple and supply each other so well. Xsi does modeling and animation and 3D coat makes UVs sculpting and textures. That's amasingworkflow. Thanks for Applink developers for making these pieces of software that are in love closer. My question is that Applink exports model inside 3D coat well but when push button "import from 3D Coat" it says "Import file not found". How to deal with this? XSI 2015 SP2 3D Coat 4.8.23
  14. Talik

    [Solved] Brush engine issue

    I thinks it's not normal behavior
  15. Haha this works)) Thanks a lot you've saved a lot of time for me. I can keep working on my projects))