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  1. Ok that seemed to help. Thanks! Oddly , now I can't even duplicate the initial problem I had.
  2. Sorry I didn't get an email telling me I had a reply. I think I tried that(but then I was clicking several different things just to see if somethign worked). I will try tonight and let you know. thanks!
  3. Ok thank you sir! BTW, this was on the Windows version. I there a link to previous version that can be downloaded and used while this is fixed for next version?
  4. It is definitely something with the version of 3DCprinting I"m using. I decided to see if Pose worked in 3d coat and it does. I get the red gradient after using the line to chose the section I want to pose. Would like to know if anybody has this issue with the latest 3dcprinting version . The difference seems to be in 3dcoat, the gizmo thingie doesn't appear until after I draw the line, but in 3dcprinting as soon as I go to Pose its there and drawing the red line has no affect whatsoever in creating the red gradient.
  5. sorry that should be under not nuder. I don't see a way to edit my post
  6. Hi I just recently downloaded(yesterday) 3dcprinting and I am following the Sample Project. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9aZotcUOqGs But at the point of 2:56 on the video where I use the Line tool nuder Pose , It doesn't display that red gradient showing what will be moved. All I get is the Gizmo tool displayed and rotating that does nothing. What am I missing? I even tried just doing a cylinder to see if that could be posed by moving the top half of cylinder and it didn't work Below is a picture of after I draw the line. No red gradient anywhere, just the circular gizmo and rotating it doesn't' move any part of the cylinder My settings match the video so I don't know what is missing unless its a bug in the latest version