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  1. redredhood

    3DC to Marmoset

    Vertex painted.. I sculpted in Blender then exported .obj to 3d Coat and painted it.
  2. redredhood

    3DC to Marmoset

    Trying to import my painted model from 3DC to Marmoset. But when it enters Marmoset the model is just white. I would like to be able to upload my first model for others to view. I am a super noob so any help would be great! Thanks!
  3. redredhood

    [Solved] Lost model

    Thank you!
  4. redredhood

    [Solved] Lost model

    Sculpted my model then used the magnifier icon to zoom out/in and now I can't find my model in the space? Not sure what I did wrong. Im still new with this.