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  1. Work in progress. I am trying to get some real clay-like sculpting in 3DCoat. Basically keeping in mind if I would 3d print. It is very powerful. There is a wild(?) dream of a 3d sculpting software simulating real clay!!!!
  2. Most welcome. 3DCoat is really awesome! I am trying to get some real clay-like sculpting in 3DCoat using brush alpha and options...let's see... here uploading some images of my recent trying... sculpting a head using base-mesh(from 3DCoat)...all renders also taken in 3DCoat . Thanks.
  3. Why the colour of objects becomes red while adding in scene from primitives or from splash screen (while creating new file)? It is happening in 3D-Coat (DX64). And in case of GL64 the colour is blackish grey. In general in most of the tutorials I have seen this colour is light grey. So what is I am missing? My machine is: AMD FX-8350 CPU, AMD Rx 460 4GB Graphics, 24 GB RAM.
  4. This bug has been fixed in 4.8.22 Thanks and best regards
  5. contacted and got reply that this bug will be fixed soon in upcoming 4.8.22 thanks
  6. Hi, thanks for kind reply. Here I'm attaching another video (1920 x 1080) just recorded. I'm trying but the popup window is not not being expanded vertically. I can't check or uncheck 'Enable Tapering' or ' Modulate Tapering w/Real Pen Pressure' options. LMB drag is happening only once on the most upper left control point but not working at all on other points. RMB options sometime working though. Video link: Best regards.
  7. I wanted to say that I can't drag points with LMB and can't use also RMB options.
  8. Hi, I have bought 3D-COAT Amateur version (win) some days ago. I am noticing that Brush Taper modifier (setting up tapering parameters) is not responding accordingly. I can't check/uncheck different options and can't drag control points of the curve by RMB . Is there something I am missing? Video link: ...I remember it was working in trial version. I am a traditional artist (https://joypaulartist.wordpress.com/) trying to practice 3D digital art for some time. And it is an amazing enjoyable experience to learn and work with 3D-COAT, so powerful and artist-friendly software! Thank you all and BEST REGARDS