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    How do you use Additional Extrusion in Retopo

    The secret is that the opacity value next to it has to be changed to see the additional extrusion display update. I think it's good to add a bit on all manual retopo so there's a bit more volume conservation from the high poly.
  2. Hi Carlos, thanks for your answer, but that is the tool that is not working for me as it removes the efficiency of the previous closed spline, for two reasons: -The spline needs to be manually closed (instead of no action needed) either by aiming at the initial point, or by right-click on the curve+curve settings+closed curve option. -to edit the points we need to go in the menu to select the manipulate points tool (instead of having continuous access to point edition/position and doing everything as fast as it can be.) Each of these two points at least doubles the time it takes to work with the closed spline stroke mode for simple cuts, and with a slight exaggeration it defeats the purpose of sculpting with 3dcoat as a faster tool than Zbrush. I know that it's a beta tool but if it's meant to replace the current close spline in future versions it seems like a big problem to me. Thanks again for your support!
  3. Hi, I mainly use the Closed-Spline Stroke-Mode when sculpting in 3DCoat And I'm seeing that in .20 (when the beta tool option is ticked, and so I guess in all future versions) it's been swapped by a more complex system with a menu. After many trials I still don't get it, as there is no way to work as fast as with the spline from the previous version: So this first way of creating spline is very intuitive and fast, everything is done around the cursor. and this second way requires to stop working to go grab tools in the menus (select tool, edit points, close spline option ect.. the shortcut assigned to them works only once and then deactivates, but even with a shortcut it would still be longer than the previous method) while the old one allowed to do everything in 1 click. for now I can just deactivate beta tools but I hope there will be a way to display this old spline as legacy or I will have to stay on an older version of 3DC. I already send an email to Carlos who forwarded to support but I guess I'm not the only one to use this stroke-mode so I was wondering if anyone had another opinion on the topic. Thanks !