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  1. A small bug: The new Scene Scale Master, only affects visible objects, not the whole scene. So when making a human size model huge (10x) covering the whole grid, for the Autopo to work, any currently hidden object remains small, so you end up with all your objects at different size.
  2. There's a massive issue with the retopo room, whatever you do, retopo objects keep getting emptied. I don't know what does it, but something is wrong. If you just work, normally, another object will eventually get emptied. And you can't lock them, to make sure they are safe. You can't export and re-import them as they get triangulated and Uvs get destroyed. So at the moment it's really not safe to use Coat for production, it hasn't been tested enough. Someone should just produce some asste with it, and note all these massive issues, and prioritize this over any new feature. I've been using Coat professionally for around 5 years, I know so many details about it, but there's still massive blocker to just use it normally. Sculpting is stable now, but retopo, bake, and paint is really not advisable, given the amount of pitfalls. Working on a retopo object will systematically silently delete (empty) the previous ones, somehow. Baking will silently fail if the active sculpt object has symmetry ect...
  3. Wait no that only works when going for a decimated low poly. If we have a quad based retopo mesh we cannot polish it in Blender, as there is no way to prevent Coat from triangulating the imported fbx, which destroys the UVs...
  4. The Unwrap algorithm seems unable to tackle a shape that's a bit curved, like one side of a thigh / leg. We have to export fbx to blender, seams from island, unwrap, export back fbx to retopo room. Coat unwrap: Blender unwrap:
  5. I have a systematic crash after deleting one or a few AUTOPO curves guide. (selecting one point and pressing Delete.) Also sometimes when re-running the Autopo, all the previously drawn curves are gone. The density painting step is ignored in some cases and skip directly to the curve draw step, and in this cases it seems like the resulting poly count is 10 times lower than what was input. Basically it seems possible to AUTOPO a simple mesh like a foot, but for the entire chest of a character it's impossible, without curves it's too random, and with curves it always generates something extremely low poly: Example file: https://www.dropbox.com/t/seIh90vELSR5l2Vn
  6. Hi, whenever I add a tool preset, I get this error message. The solution for now is just to run Coat in Admin I think. More annoying, I see now that alphas fail to be selected by tool presets. You save or update a preset with an alpha, and whener you pick this tool preset, the alpha is the first default one, instead of the one displayed in the preset thumbnail: If I manually re-select the correct alpha, it works, but the tool preset fail to select it.
  7. Here it's not really a temp file, but the active file that gets changed into this /applink .3b file, I think by doing Ctrl+Z, or maybe just when pushing a mesh from blender to Coat.
  8. I keep having a bug, I'm not sure what triggers it but seems to be when pushing a mesh from blender applink to Coat as voxel, and maybe Crtl+Z a few actiosn later ? It changes the active/opened file name to "3DC027._001", and ctrl+shift+S does a regular save, so you can't save as your actual file, and you also do'nt even know where this file have been placed, so you're a bit blocked. if you close you don't know where to find this file, and your real file has not been saved as it was not the opened file anymore. Ok by closing and re-opening last file, you can actually find where this file was saved: But it's still pretty confusing when it happens, and increase chances to loose your file, as it gets shifted to this random applink file. Not a big problem though, and definitely caused by the applink recieving data from blender.
  9. Hi Elemeno, here there was no shader, just a sculpt object selected, file > export selected > decimate, and imported as is in blender, no material. Carlosan said it doesn't do taht on his end so I will do more tests see if I can spot something that does or doesn't gives these split normals. Anyway if it's not generalized it's not an issue, 1 click fix by reseting normals, just should not happen on retopo objects as we don't want to modify the mesh normals after baking its normal texture. Thanks
  10. Hi Carlosan, yes I always keep auto snap ON, as I might use the brush tool or anything to polish the retopo, I deactivate it in very special cases. I think Auto snap should have no relation to the baking process, if it has some currently. (it would be very counterintuitive, as when you click bake, you're not doing retopo anymore, you want your low poly to just stay as you finalized it.) A small issue I'm seeing is that any decimated fbx export seems to have totally broken split normals, it's easy to remove, reset, in blender, but I hope retopo obejcts do'nt get this kind of issue (I don't think so, low poly normals are clean), but sculpt obejcts exports always look like this:
  11. I mean, I just did that, created a sculpt object without symmetry, then did something, re-baked.. AND it still symmetrized the bake, because obviously I just selected another sculpt object at some point just before baking. This bug makes it virtually impossible to bake, without a massive headache of having to realize you failed (sometimes after the end, after the export..), then restart from scratch your painting room work by really making sure super sure sure sure that you selected the dummy sculpt object without symmetry active, before re-baking. That's an urgent bug to address since many years, no one can properly bake at the moment since all these years.
  12. I think we still have this annoying bug that baking takes symmetry into account, which there is no reason to, as it takes the symmetry of the current Sculpt object, which we don't really care about in the retopo room as we mostly dealwith retopo objects. And it automatically destroys any bake attempts if symmetry is ON, without providing any usefulness I guess ? as it's either the sculpt objects and/or retopo objects that you want to be symmetric or not, not the bake & paint object independantly. It seems like 100% of users will bake while having a sculpt object active that has symmetry, and that means that 100% of users will have 100% of bakes failing, destroyed, until they realize they need to create a new dummy sculpt object without symmetry, select it, and then bake. (without breaking the bake with this random symmetry)
  13. Ah nice ok, not only on my end. Yes I always send the reports when they pop in browser, I just rarely add my email as I guess it's not needed.
  14. The simplified export (auto UV + bake to fbx) always gives a crash, even with a sphere, when using the "To blender via applink" option. Even if you applink works fine when using file > send to blender. (using "regular Export" option works fine) But yea the quality of the face normals after the decimation is not really usable:
  15. The field to add the phototshop exe path does not work, impossible to ctrl+v, impossible to type, clicking it just adds a random path, having the correct path in the clipboard does not help: right click doesn't allow to paste the photoshop exe path either. I'm latest .20 Ok actually all fields have stopped working, 20 minutes ago I could edit the fbx auto export field, now it also does not respond, just "pastes" thsi applink folder when clicked, without this path being in my clipboard.. Ok restarting the app fixed it. still leaving this in case something can be done.
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