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  1. It might be the same bug, or connected, but while this menu is open (if you don't click cancel) doing anything like clicking File or anything else than clicking on the popup, will "explode" the current sculpt mesh like if you sculpted with a massive brush on it. (bit frightening as ctrl+Z or Ctrl+s does this sculpt explosion too.)
  2. just updated to latest stable .29, when clicking the UI with move brush, it affect the model:
  3. When exporting a sculpt object, face normals seems to be always broken if no decimation is applied: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qm1p7yupdd6duig/Galek_hand_teeth_A002.3b?dl=0 (need to recalculate outside, set from face in edit mode in Blender for example.)
  4. Latest stable .24 has an issue with lasso that seems to jiggle: it's actually on all tools, but seems to come from importing an fbx. https://www.dropbox.com/s/cm8m9x3eb2n8wce/Galek_hand_teeth_A001.3b?dl=0
  5. I've been trying to make displacement work in Coat for years, I still can't figure out how to make even a sphere with displacement. What I understand is the mesh needs to be quads, because Coat cannot display subdivided/tesselated triangle/decimated mesh. And once you bake with normal map, it's over, baking the displacement is not possible anymore unless you're willing to delete all the work done in paint room. So you need to bake displacement from the start, but "Flat displacement" creates these issues like the topology appears in the displacement: And the Per pixel painting w/ displacement seems to work even if it bakes the displacement in each sculpt object layer instead of in a displacement layer, but it's clearly written in the tooltip to not use it.. for.. reasons. I think all this baking menu should be scrapped and remade properly, with kinda just one option, "bake", and then it just bakes, the depth, in a normal map layer, that will be useful for small details, and in a displacement layer, that you can toggle on if you want tesselation in Coat and displacement in your render engine.. I'm art directing a series adapted from a video game, I would love to convince the production to use Coat, but if even after years of research I can't manage to do the simplest thing like having displacement, it's really discouraging. So I guess to do a film asset, instead of baking with normal map, you "Bake w/per Pixel Painting w/ Displacement" (that's a way too long name) and you don't care about the tooltip stating "It does not work well", because it seems to work, as opposed to Flat displacement that has this topology artifacts no matter what you do. If that's the official way to make a non game asset, I really think this button should be named something like "BAKE WITH DISPLACEMENT + NORMAL" and the tooltip should be erased, removed. Or like really ideally having just one single bake button, and be able to toggle OFF displacement if you don't need it and if it slows down baking time.. but this baking menu has always been so extremely confusing and over crowded with words. It seems it's all residues and bits that stayed there since 2006 or something, and that it should have long been cleaned and simplified into one or tow buttons, normal or disp.
  6. Ah ok the technique currently is to rename with like a "TEMP" suffix the instal and documents fodler, and if there is an issue just delete/rename the new ones and remove the suffix on the old ones ?
  7. Ah yes, when we instal a beta, it actually erase our current Coat instal, so if there's an issue we can't go back. Installing manually with another name might cause the Space mouse 3DConnexion to again consider it a different program and lose all prefs. The way Blender does it is perfect I believe, you never loose any prefs and betas are just unzipped where you want. Here I'm in the middle of a project so I'm not sure it's worth taking the risk installing .21, I could instal it in "\3DCoat-2022-BETA21" for example but it might overwrite again my prefs.
  8. Ah I thought .16 was latest stable, as it's the one offered for download on the main page, will try in .21. I'm always a bit afraid to instal a new version in a middle of a project because of the possibility to loose the prefs. I still never managed to build an alpha/stencil/strips library in Coat as I lost it each I did, I redid all my tools from scratch since the ones from 4.8 were not compatible/not doing anything anymore. It would be nice like in photoshop to be able to delete all default alphas/brushes, and only keep our own, maybe in a single file that we can backup like in photoshop, even if then we cannot manage them one by one in windows.
  9. Since I installed 2022.16 I think, I have crashes whenever I do kinda anything on surface meshes, like re-symetrizing, cutting ect.. it's systematic, always does it, and on a variety of scenes as I worked on 6 different characters. Maybe the fact that the meshes are more than a million poly, but I have 64Go Ram and RTX3090. One interesting point is that I did seem to have managed to symmetrized, and then crashed, as I can see the mesh looks symmetric greyed out behind the crash message.
  10. We still have the issue where nothing happens when we try using the lasso, polygonal lasso too, it just doesn't start to draw the lasso when clicking, on any tool it seems.
  11. sometimes when sculpting, doing nothing special apart maybe the "Auto - subdivide" option On, this happens to the file, only solution is using autosave: :
  12. This would be nice as it happened to me quite often to break/corrupt my vox mesh because I forgot a part was hidden after doing a VoxHidden.
  13. A very small issue, but when exporting object/textures, the file explorer for the object is all good, but the one for texture is a very slow/unpractical to navigate popup, instead of the windows file explorer where we can paste a directory address like for the object export path.
  14. -Something quite counter intuitive is that the Brush Option Panel, affects each Brush, so every time you change your alpha on a tool, it reset the whole Brush settings. But the conventional approach would be that you set your tool, like Depth streght/modulator, jitter position/opacity ect.. and then you can select an alpha, or another one ect.. Like you do a skin Tool that jitters or paint a skin pore texture, and then you change to your 4-5 different skin pores alphas with this tool. But currently if you click on another alpha it resets to default the whole Brush Option Panel. Brushes should be nameds Alphas, because they are not Brushes like in photoshop (Brush= Alpha+tool settings in photoshop, here in Coat a brush is just an alpha, which is nice you can change alpha on the fly while keeping your tool) Brush should not exist as a term in Coat, we should just have Tool (default), Tool Presets (the one you create with proper settings and alpha) and Alphas. From my perspective anyway, it's just that I can't comfortably switch alpha as it resets the options.
  15. -yup another case of tool preset breaking when updating Coat, the alpha in this case is actually visible on the tool preset, but it's the default round alpha that is selected in Brush panel, and that is used in 3d, although the correct alphas that's visible in the tool preset is still there in Coat in a folder I made, Coat just lost the connection to it on the tool preset when updating it seems.
  16. -I just checked and baking seems still to only work if we select the "Brush" tool (maybe otehrs too), but if a random tool is active/selected when baking, painting the cage bugs, like if the select tool is active, then painting the cage actually selects faces ect.. kinda like the bug where menus where "transparent" and clicking on a menu was actually clikcing on the mesh behind, cutting seams on it for example ect... -Would be nice to be able to edit the cage before baking, it's theoretically possible by clicking "baking scan settings" but all the work done here (that can be done with symmetry which is important, unlike when baking as then it would bake with symmetry and break the created paint objects.) all this cage work seems to be deleted/reset once you click bake, and have the bake scan settings appear again, but without and the edit on the cage you just made.
  17. -on 2022.16 but was on previous version as-well, around 50% of the time the panels refuses to get resized, sometimes even stranger behaviour happens where they change size on their own to push another panel. Here is just refuses to get resized: -Something a bit annoying is the tool presets re-ordering themselves on their own randomly, maybe it only happen when re-lauching Coat or after a crash, but it doesn't seem logical like an alphabetical re-order, I slide them where I want them, and then at some point the last few I re-orderd will always be either at the top, or in the middle, or somewhere else ect... -in 2022.16, (updating from 2021 or 2022.5 not sure) some of my tool preset were altered, they were basically not working anymore, like the alpha was changed, so i remade them, but the new alpha I created disappears from the preview, but it still works somehow. Would be really nice to be sure our tool preset will not break on update. (I had to remake all my tools from V4 that refused to work not sure why.) -Something really amazing is that I installed 2022.16, and all my space mouse configuration just kept working, unlike usually, I guess because Coat 2022 was installed on top of itself/coat 2021, so 3DConnexion recognize it as the same software unlike before. Will just have to delete again all the default brush alphas that looks very outdated, but will try to preserve the new ones that seems nice ! Thanks!
  18. -Sometimes deleting sculpt meshes in the paint room to make the scene lighter when having finished baking, makes the scene corrupt as the vox tree is empty and can no longer have a new layer created, adding a new primitive to try to create a new sculpt layer crashes Coat. But on reloading the scene I managed to add a layer by clicking the the + next to VoxTree. -When freezing transparent pixels (to do like photoshop "Lock Transparecy"), and then "unfreezing all", the paint objects gets unfrozen normally (the walking ants hatched thing disaprears) but if you unhide the sculpt objetcs, they are all red. It feels like a bug when it arrives because you expect Freeze to look the same for paint and sculpt obejcts, not either marching ants, either red (why not dark grey as it's the convention in Zbrush, Blender, for masking, and even in Coat, masking is grey, why is freeze not the same, or are they two different things ?) And Freeze does freeze the hidden sculpt objects, but unfreeze does not unfreeze hidden sculpt objects. -When using the Flatten tool in paint room (Iron icon), sometimes it corrupts the depth in the layer, and nothing can get done to remove these artifacts, apart from deleting the layer. When looking at the layers in photoshop the "holes" are not present in the normal, but when exporting the textures, normals and displacment textures have this corruption/hole:
  19. Hope all is well at Pilgway. Just a small note as I'm adding a few props from scratch/voxel to a character I imported for per pixel texturing: These 3 functions say exactly the same thing: "Paint obj to sculpt", it's a bit confusing, and when clicking on the one that doesn't say it will subdivide the paint mesh, it actually does. Here I just want to take the paint mesh as a visual reference to sculpt a new object that I will retopo and add to the paint obejcts. Mu paint object is 2M polys, so even clicking on the one without subdivision, it gets subdivided to 27 millions polygons. I can decimate it, no prob, but maybe it should subdiv (the one highlighted in blue here:)? Maybe they should just be renamed but not sure of the difference of each. Thanks a lot.
  20. This kind of old sliding/no-snapping issue still happens today with tools in the sculpt quick menu (space-bar) where if you click drag some tools, they kinda hang out in the air instead of snapping inside the 1-9 slots at the top. It also kinda happens sometimes in the tool presets. Ah yes the tool presets kinda works when sliding them, they snap in place between two other presets, but then upon re-opening Coat their place gets randomly shuffled, every time I open Coat I have to drag my move tool preset back from a random position to the bottom of my presets. I realize this is bad timing to give issue reports though, I hope all the Pilgway team and family is safe.
  21. Hum, all my sculpt object bake layers found themselves inside the group I have for smart materials upon file re-open (after the auto update closed crashed Coat when clicking on it.) Layer 0 is in the group too, maybe that's why Phostophop says the group is corrupted, but when trying to grab Layer 0 and placing it outside the group, the UI totally bugs and the layers slides wayyy downward the layer stack, and stays there ...
  22. I installed last week on a fresh computer with a 3090 hehe, I'm on 2022.05. I saw that the way preferences are named and organized totally changed after I suggested it really deserved some cleanup last year, so it seems that now installing a new version of Coat should preserve things and make it easier to restore prefs when lost, so I might be less fearful of installing version more regularly (the space mouse losing all preferences after each update was an absolute nightmare too as 3DCoat.exe was named a bit differently each time or something so it was detected as a new software by 3DConnexion/space mouse, crossing fingers it won't be the case anymore.) But it's still quite painful to customize alphas ect.. what I do is deleting all the user prefs content from the instal location in Programs, (because I don't think any, apart from materials, deserve to stay, they're super outdated textures ect..) and just cultivate the user prefs in the document folder (So only 1 location that I need to keep an eye on and backup on dropbox.) So in Coat the default tab (in alphas ect..) has the alphas placed in the root of the alpha folder, and each fodler inside becomes a tab in the alphas panel in Coat.
  23. -When exporting object/textures, upon re-opening your file, your preset gets reset, I was exporting in blender applink, and now it's set to 3DsMax. -Also when re-opening 3dCoat, the size of panels gets reset around 20% of the time, so if you have 3 panels in a column, sometimes they occupy each a third of the column again, while you slided one to occupy just a tiny bit. (like the proxy slider for example.)
  24. When opening the Layers.psd file to edit Metal layers externally, sometimes photoshop says "Some groups were found corrupted and repaired". By "repaired" photoshop actually converts the group to a blank layer, and add a <end> layer under the layers that were in the group. (groups are a recent features in 3DCoat layers I think ?)
  25. I could confirm, both my issues 'grey seams' and 'UV-Set confusion' were caused by photoshop renaming 'Layer 0' into 1. >This made Coat slap a whole UV-Set onto another when updating from SP to Coat, and on file re-open, it re-created the Layer 0 on top of all, with grey squares onver all the UV seams on all UV-Sets. In my experience the only solution would be to remove the Layer 0 from the user experience, I know perfectly it's not to be used, Carlosan reminded it to me several times, but I will still forget it, precisely because I'm not using it, so I forget about it, and then when it gets affected accidentally, by photoshop for example, I can't see it come. Thanks for your answer btw Carlosan, I sincerely clearly remembered this about Layer 0, and did not think about it as it's photoshop itself that renamed it. (when dragging layers from backup PSD to Coat PSD.)
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