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  1. Yes, I need full access of obj-exporting, due to material-exporting and separation reasons too, and embedding some additional information, like slash-enabled sub-object paths.
  2. Thank you, Peter, I'll apply some changes these days.
  3. Did anybody use subj? Any feedback?
  4. Attention, please! Current Houdini build contains strange behaviour with GLSL-shaders, so, if you push "Get Maps Back" button and see, that your geometry hides-you just need to save hip, close houdini and open hip again with another session of houdini. I will inform about such bug to SESI.
  5. We plan to do this directory for another purpose, than just path holder, so it is subject of change in that way, as you used it before.
  6. Coat must show automatically a dialog box, which offer you to import a model with some additional seup for import. Do you see obj files at directory $HOME/3D-CoatV3/Exchange ? If you close Coat, and then press Export button - do you see import.txt file over there too?
  7. Okay. Do you press Export button, which is placed at "-> 3DCoat" tab at /obj/COAT_OUT attribute panel? Only after such operation you may get objects output to obj folder andimport instruction is spooled. Don't forget to save file too.
  8. You need download latest version of 3DCoat.
  9. We started beta-program. You have to place 3DCoat.otl to path, where houdini may find it (OTL scanned paths) (for example - $HOME/houdini11.0/otls for Linux, $USERPROFILE/Documents/houdini11.0/otls for win) You have to place 3dcoat.shelf to toolbar folder (for example - $HOME/houdini11.0/toolbar for Linux, $USERPROFILE/Documents/houdini11.0/toolbar for win) 3DCoat shelf contains just one button, which you have to use as start-point of organizing geometry for exporting to 3DCoat. You have to select objects or seklect them after button pressing. COAT_OUT node will be created or reset with paths of your objects, so you may reuse it for export-inmport procedures, or rename it for later using. This node is used as control frontend for 3DCoat data exchange. First parameter tab contains some parameters for exchange paths setup and object/material export control. Another tab used for holding import parameters. Third tab lists all object paths, it may be useful for checking, but you should'n add objects over there, since toolbar button's procedure setup objects for 3dcoat-excange procedure, and newly added object may contain not preparation nodes. 3dcoat.H11.zip
  10. No, since all data exchange is performed by OBJ-files, texture maps and some simple textual descriptions. We didn't consider this feature and we don't see such pipeline appropriate for production use.
  11. First public demonstration. Please, leave comments, if you need some details. Thank you!
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