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  1. jtrner

    PBR Smart Materials Store Beta !

    Are the image previews on store rendered inside 3Dcoat? Or in Marmoset? How were you able to get those super sharp and realistic renders, like this one -
  2. jtrner

    Maxium UV Tiles supported by 3D Coat?

    Ok. Here's the screenshot of the error btw. Looks like a bug. I checked and recheck, there's no overlap on any UV islands and I even reduce the UV set to 22 but still getting the same error.
  3. I can't find what is the maximum UV Tiles supported by 3D coat. Does anybody knows? I'm getting an error when importing a 45 UV tiles mesh (5 tiles on U and 9 tiles on V).
  4. I don't know if this is the right place to request for additional features, but it would be great if Andrew would add Curve Presets and the ability to save the customized curves when adjusting the smart material channel using texture maps. I find myself always going back and forth just to recreate the same curves if I want it to be the same between the different channels and different layers. If I have 3 layers with 3 grayscale maps with customized curves on each layer, then it would take me 9 iterations just to have the "same" curves on each channels. I know that I can just modify the maps outside 3D coat and use Photoshop but it would be awesome if this feature is built-in right inside 3D coat. Another feature that would help imo, is a feature that would let us "drag and drop" the texture maps between the different channels when creating or modifying smart materials. I know a lot of artists would like to use the "same" grayscale grunge / noise map. In this case, it would be great if after browsing and selecting the grunge map, artists can just drag that same grunge map and drop it to the other channels, avoiding the need to open a dialog box and selecting the map. Like dragging the grunge map on the Color channel into the Roughness channel using middle-mouse button. Because it is very common for artists to have a whole lot of library of grayscale grunge maps and scrolling inside this library just to select a single map is a bit tiresome. I know these are probably a "small" features, but imo small features like these adds up and I believe would help a lot of artists to speed up their workflow.
  5. Yea, it would be great if 3D coat has an option to do that. Initially I thought I can convert the alpha to a stencil and work it from there but then I realized that stencil is just "mask" and the pixel painting is still dependent on the behavior of the brush that I'm using.
  6. Cool! Yeah, the stamp mode is still active even if I drag it all the way outside of the mesh object. Solved! Hopefully there would be a separate settings for this or maybe a new event to trigger this behavior so we can use "all" types of brush modes, as the stamp mode has a bit different painting result compare to a normal brush that has spacing, jitters etc..
  7. Ok, I just played around the conditions and also tried to use the stamp brush, but unfortunately the brush is still getting deactivated as soon as the center cursor went out the object. I'm starting to think that this behavior is hard coded in 3d coat. I mean, this is just probably how the brushes and the other tools in 3d coat are designed to behave. 3d coat always assume that when the tool's center cursor is out of the object, it means that you are not planning to use the tool anymore and would be just navigating the viewport (pan, zoom and rotate) so 3d coat will deactivate the tool and you will get a mouse pointer for viewport navigation. Here's a screenshot of what I'm trying to do. First image is the brush tool is still inside the object so I can paint obviously. I wanted to move the paint brush a little more further to the right of the object, because I wanted to only paint using those peaks and pointed part of the alpha. But as I moved the brush tool to the right and the center cursor (yellow line) went out of the object, then the paint brush tool will be deactivated and I would not be able to paint anymore. I hope this help to make things clear and can get some workaround.
  8. I forgot to mention that I have already tried that. I remove LMB hotkey which mapped to Rotate around Vertical axis event, but it still does not work. The brush is still getting deactivated when the center cursor is outaide the mesh object, except now that I cannot rotate the viewport because of the removal of LMB hotkey.
  9. Is there a settings to do this? I checked the customized navigation settings and I don't see an event for it. Reason is, there are some amazing cracks and wrinkle alphas that I wanted to use on the paint brush and eraser tool but only wanted to utilize the "edge or the perimeter" part of this alphas. Like for manually painting drip effects and the like. Currently, as soon as the center dot of the brush and eraser tool went out of the object, the tools are deactivated. Basically, I wanted to make the Paint brush or Eraser tool to be active all the time, whether the cursor is inside or outside the object.
  10. Awesome. Its nice to have a painting brush preset system. Thanks. By the way, is there a "flow" parameter for the painting brushes? I can only see opacity parameters on the toolbar and brush options.
  11. Is it possible to also "save" the painting toolbar settings i.e. radius and opacity values and painting modes, together with the settings on the brush options? When creating and saving customized brush alpha presets, I think it would make sense to also include the toolbar settings because aside from the brush options, the toolbar settings also contributes on how the brushes behaves when painting objects particularly the painting modes (mouse or pen pressure). Switching to my customized alpha brushes, I also find myself the need to change the painting modes on the toolbar settings, weather the radius or opacity, depending on the brush alpha presets.
  12. And yes, the workflow is on the Layers panel. Just need to disable the opacity percentage of roughness property on the current layer so I can adjust the metalness property without modifying the roughness value.
  13. Yeah, Thanks. That makes sense. And it also works even if I don't enable the color.
  14. I enabled the roughness, and from there I was able to paint my metalness map. So the metalness is tied to the roughness property? Is there a way for me to paint metalness in isolated mode without enabling roughness? I think that is the feature that is being requested on the above link that I have provided.
  15. And seems there is no option for pen pressured painting for metalness. There is no pen / mouse icon beside it.