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  1. I have tried almost every single brush and settings and i can't get a clean displacement like in Blender so far but my problem is that blender is not fast enough with a 14 millions poly model. So i will export it and finish it in 3d coat for the damage sculpt part. Just a pity that there is not a single tutorial for 3d coat dealing with stencils and how to do a clean displacement, the tutorials on stencil are very basic and don't go in detail on technical aspect of brush settings for displacement technique.
  2. I was talking about surface mode but i finally figure it out, the rectangle stroke did the trick but now i am trying to figure which brush is the best to use to apply the height map. Also i need to figure the grey color i need for the background of the height map so it equal 0 in 3d coat.
  3. I have tried many and not a single one is giving me the correct displacement according to levels of grey. In 4.9.72 there was the gum brush that was shown in a stencil tutorial but there is no gum brush anymore. I have an obelisk and i need to apply the hieroglyph displacement map i made for it and so far i am wasting an insane amount of time just trying to get it stamp on the model. In blender the displacement is showing perfectly but the problem is that i cannot sculpt a 10 millions poly model in blender. Any tips on how to achieve this would be welcome
  4. Hi guy's thank for the replies but i am not talking about curve but the regular brush but i was mistaken when i said it was working in 4.8.72 it is the same as in 2021. Maybe this was working in an earlier version but i am not sure about it.
  5. Anyone? Since there is no documentation i cannot find this information and google search yield no result?
  6. Hi guy's, just using the trial of 2021 and i notice the enter key does not apply the brush stroke anymore, instead it open the voxel dialog. So my question is how can i apply my stencil with a key stroke like before? I don't want to brush it over since it is not giving a good result.
  7. For those who want to know it's about 140$ Canadian so it is way too high for a small indie guy like me and will have to stick with 4.9 for a while.
  8. I search the forum without finding the information maybe i miss it, i bought the license in 2019?
  9. The problem was the silhouette too close to the border of the image, i just made the canvas bigger and it's work so this is not a bug. EDIT: It is very unreliable in 2021 since the result is not working consistently here an example :
  10. Hi guy's just getting back in 3d coat and the blob tool doesn't work when i load curve from image and press enter, the shape doesn't get filled. Is there a new way to do this in 2021 or is this a bug? Here is the image i use and the result when i press enter
  11. I also notice this very difficult to orbit around object and seem to jump to another invisible axis.
  12. Thank Carlo that was my initial thought but since there is so many hidden tools in 3d coat i thought maybe there was a workaround.
  13. Is there a way to keep curves editing capabilities and modify the radial symmetry object so they don't look all the same? I have tentacles here and i want to pose each one of them while keeping curves editing active with symmetry. I don't think it"s possible but maybe there is a workaround? In Blender you can make an instance unique but i don't think it's possible in 3d coat.
  14. Never mind i found it i had to click on del curves in tool panel
  15. Hi guy's, i am encountering a problem with curves tool in object panel, it is a scene i started a few weeks ago and when i select curves no green dot appear on screen, it's simply doesn't work at all and i have zoom out and saw no dot draw anywhere. I have also try this in both surface and voxel with the same result, i did a new vox layer and nada not working. But if i start a new scene curves is working as intended so is there something i am missing here?
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