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  1. polynut

    I will not be silent this time. Just my opinion !

    Both are from the guy i mention in former post Timothy Trankle and anyone using 3d coat should get his free course on udemy while it last, the blender modeling section is also amazing.
  2. polynut

    I will not be silent this time. Just my opinion !

    Don't get me wrong i am not saying the video tutorials are bad just that they don't show the true potential of the software and they are not organize efficiently in my own opinion. A section with only quick tip to get artists in the production pipeline would help tremendously. I know it is not easy since i have been teaching 3ds max for 7 years in college but there is always place for amelioration. I don't know if you know the guy from Udemy, Timothy Trankle who currently have free blender+3d coat tutorial here the link : https://www.udemy.com/advanced-3d-prop-modeling-in-blender/ This guy tutorial is simply of of the finest example i saw so far showing 3d coat capabilities in a very elegant way, for those interested hurry up because this is a 500 limit so i got it 5 days ago and they should have some place left.
  3. polynut

    I will not be silent this time. Just my opinion !

    I did the same and i was using 3ds max for 15 years before i switch to blender and i am never going back since modeling is stellar as it is!
  4. polynut

    I will not be silent this time. Just my opinion !

    I simply think they should focus on something else where they have strenght since writing a complete low poly modeling suite will take a hefty amount of time and resources!
  5. polynut

    I will not be silent this time. Just my opinion !

    Agree 3d coat should stay away from the temptation of poly modeling tools since blender is free and in modeling it is very efficient even better than 3ds max when you know how to use it. 3d coat should focus on better tutorials and help manual + retopo, sculpt and UV. Would be also cool if 3d coat could implement bercon noise maps!
  6. polynut

    Retopo - next big Step

    Thank for the new bridge tool Alex, this is a must have in retopo! Is it available yet?
  7. polynut

    Retopo - next big Step

    I have to agree with you here since Rizom UV tools are simply amazing! Currently looking at buying once they have a solid blender 2.8 bridge. For hard surface they are a god sent!
  8. polynut

    I will not be silent this time. Just my opinion !

    After 17 years with 3ds max i switch to Blender last year and all i can say is that Blender is becoming an amazing 3D app but as much as i like Blender i am also afraid that blender will kill many other paid 3d app and i would not be surprised at all if Allegorythmic sold to Adobe because they were afraid of Blender very fast development with the node base approach. I also heard rumors about a new per feature development funding that would surely bring a lot of attention from the industry. I bought 3d coat to complete Blender since i don't like the limited UV tool in blender and the spline are also very weak. I also tried the blender sculpt tool but i largely prefer 3d coat. For painting i already have the substance indie package with painter but again i largely prefer 3d coat painting capabilities and painting in Blender is not very good yet. Retopo is also a feature i was looking for in 3d coat since in blender it is very weak and only addon like retopoflow make it better. Currently i am just starting getting familiar with 3d coat and all i have to say is that the documentation is very weak and the video tutorials sometime very confusing or not well organize to get you up to speed. Also there is no WOW factor when watching 3d coat videos compared to zbrush video making it look like you can do amazing stuff right out of the bat. Maybe it is because some models show in video are not very exciting and the tool use on them don't show the real potential. When i was shopping between zbrush or 3d coat all the videos i saw on the 3d coat official channel didn't convince me but curiously this video here make me go for 3d coat instead of zbrush : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-f8Dno52kqY
  9. polynut

    Resetting everything back to default

    Sorry to necro an old thread but i want to point out that after experimenting with the UI reset this page and reset all pages to default is not working since panels are missing like the smart materials, brush etc. What i did was trying to extend my 3d coat window to my second monitor(Yes serious artists usually use 2 monitors)and then i try undocking the various panels that got extended horizontally and then i tried reset to bring back original position and it is not working at all. I tried re opening all the various panels but they are not dock anymore and trying to dock them like they were at default doesn't work. EDIT: For some strange reasons closing and opening 3d coat 3 time fix it!
  10. polynut

    PBR Smart Materials Store Beta!

    Sorry if i am late to commenting but i have a few suggestions for the store : Each brush or mask or any other images should have a relevant name and a category since no one in his right mind would browse all these images. Regarding the subscription model i have nothing against it but including a basic subscription of 120 credits for professional license owner and a 60 credits for indie owner would be great.
  11. polynut

    Trees generator

    Thank Carlo i will have to try it to see if i can get something interesting out of it!
  12. polynut

    3D Coat Trial Version 4.8.32 - Many Bugs?

    I didn't start using 3d coat yet because of health issue but i am very confident it will crash a lot less than 3ds max and probably have fewer bugs! 3ds max cost an arm i use it for 17 years and old bugs follow from version to version like the patch tool not displaying the segment and many others.
  13. polynut

    Retopo - next big Step

    Hi Alex and welcome, So far i didn't have the chance to work with the retopo room but i wonder if we already have something similar to Maya Quad draw if not then this would be a very neat new feature.
  14. polynut

    Trees generator

    Sorry to be late to the party but is palmer tree possible with the tree generator?
  15. polynut

    Upgrading my video card need some advice for 3d coat

    Finally set my choice over this card here : https://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814137379 I hope i am going to be happy with it. Thank for helping me choosing the right card for my need.