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  1. I also notice this very difficult to orbit around object and seem to jump to another invisible axis.
  2. polynut

    Question on symmetry and curves

    Thank Carlo that was my initial thought but since there is so many hidden tools in 3d coat i thought maybe there was a workaround.
  3. Is there a way to keep curves editing capabilities and modify the radial symmetry object so they don't look all the same? I have tentacles here and i want to pose each one of them while keeping curves editing active with symmetry. I don't think it"s possible but maybe there is a workaround? In Blender you can make an instance unique but i don't think it's possible in 3d coat.
  4. polynut

    [Solved] Curves not working on existing scene

    Never mind i found it i had to click on del curves in tool panel
  5. Hi guy's, i am encountering a problem with curves tool in object panel, it is a scene i started a few weeks ago and when i select curves no green dot appear on screen, it's simply doesn't work at all and i have zoom out and saw no dot draw anywhere. I have also try this in both surface and voxel with the same result, i did a new vox layer and nada not working. But if i start a new scene curves is working as intended so is there something i am missing here?
  6. Same here only the clay seem to work correctly for me.
  7. I really love the clay brush in voxel feel much more natural than before and very smooth handling.
  8. Did you guy's remove the bridge tool in retopo since i cannot see it in the tool panel?
  9. Congratulations to the whole team for the beta and i just start testing it and i had freezing trying some voxel brushes on a simple sphere with my wacom pen. The brush feel like it stick to the sphere and then the spinning gizmo appear and then the screen turned white and ctd.
  10. polynut

    Free 3dcpack : Veins

    link is dead!
  11. Never mind i found it, for those looking for an arrow it's not an arrow it's 2 dots in the far right corner.
  12. Hi guy's, i know there has been many changes in recent 3d coat but i cannot find the Brush Alpha Drop-Down Menu to change the alpha preview size. In the manual they say there is an arrow on the tab but the only arrow i see is the one showing the various brush sets. So is this relocated somewhere else?
  13. You can ignore this question since i found out, you need to modify the distance when importing the model.
  14. Hi guy's just trying to make my custom spline model continuous but as you can see i failed miserably and the help file didn't help me figure it out so any help would be appreciated since i didn't find any video covering how to to do it properly. https://imgur.com/N6WcbGB
  15. Thank Carlo i will try this tonight and see if i can get some result from it.