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    Making 3D game assets and props of my town. I captured every single object with my phone then model it with C4D, texture it with 3DC. Relly love the 3DC UV Room and PBR smart material
  1. nandur93

    PBR Smart Materials Store Beta !

    Downloaded free packs yesterday, its awesome and bit speed up my workflow. It would be awesome if the materials store is packed inside the main 3D Coat applications, so we could preview within our projects, and you need to buy to apply the material. It's kinda alright and cool.
  2. nandur93

    Introduce yourself!

    Wow it's been a long time and it's been 10 years, but I don't think it's too late. I just joined here and really like the UV and Paint 3D Coat features. I am a 3D Model artist and currently studying UV and Texturing. Maybe after texturing can be mastered, I will continue to rigging and animation. My main 3D software is Cinema 4D, good at using Photoshop and now studying 3D Coat as my texturing workflow. Nice to meet you all. Nandur
  3. Thank you @Carlosan, the reason why i want my thumbnail become cube because i create smart material for wall and plane textures. And its more accurate than default sphere. For now, i'll keep going created my own smart materials without questioning thumbnails. Hope there will be the feature in the future.
  4. Hi @Carlosan Thank you for the answer, but this has not answered my question. Sorry if my English is bad. So, here it is. Default Smart material has a thumbnail shaped preview sphere like this. But the .3dcpack file that I downloaded has a different thumbnail like this. And like this. And here is full preview So actually my question is, how do I make smart material thumbnails that I make into cubes like this?
  5. Hi everyone, i really new in 3D Coat, i just learn how to make own smart material and its look awesome. Then my question is, how to generate thumbnail with various shape like this picture below? There are default sphere 3D Coat shape, inverted default 3D Coat sphere shape without a midle hole an the box shape. Thank you Edit: For the inverted and the box shapes, i downloaded the smart materials from the 3D Coat official websites here http://materials.3dcoat.com/
  6. nandur93

    [Solved] Menus not working properly

    Thanks. And yes, I installed 4.9.19 today and the feature really works well now
  7. nandur93

    [Solved] Menus not working properly

    So what did you do to fix that problem? Download that beta 4.9.19 version or another version?
  8. nandur93

    Making Glass in 3D Coat

    Thankyoou hooman for making this great post