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    I have some questions

    so I have some questions. first off.... this is where we can ask questions right? assuming that this board is in deed where we can ask questions, Does 3D coat offer product subscription specials similar to what adobe offers? --(the thing where if your enrolled in a university or college course program etc. you can use the program for the duration of your enrollment) Is 3d coat compatible with blender as a lot of my projects, appear to involve blender to some extent. -- can I use files made in 3d coat in blender and vice versa? -- can I use files made in 3d coat in unity and vice versa? How can I tell if my computer can handle operating 3d Coat without trouble before downloading the program? -- I often see programs list a set of system requirements but I don't really know how to compare my system to the list. I think that's all I have to ask for now. Thanks in advance for any help provided. sincerely, BondedGunner