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  1. In the meantime, is there another method you'd recommend to use to place some image cylindrically on a model similar to the image posted? I'm SUPER new to 3D Coat, so I'm sure this is likely a basic thing.
  2. Confirmed! It's resolved in 4.8.26
  3. When a smart material is set to cylindrical mapping, I can't seem to scale an image horizontally, only vertically.
  4. I'm brand new to 3D Coat so I'm trying to quickly get up to speed and wrap my head around all of the concepts. I'm working on a Production project right now under a deadline and am trying to figure out the right workflow for my scenario but I haven't yet come across any demonstrations for my unique scenario so I'd thought I'd just ask here directly and describe my situation. --- I'm making a Production Rendered Teaser for a Videogame. The tools we're using are Cinema 4D, rendering in Redshift, and texturing in 3D Coat. We've been delivered assets by the game company that has already been UV'd and some preliminary textures. Everything is pretty basic, which is why it needs that 3D Coat love before rendering. The main asset and the one I'm unsure of how to handle is a Spaceship model that contains both an exterior and an interior along with several other props, tubes, and other things within the ship. The asset was given to us as a single .OBJ file that we had to split apart into its discreet objects in C4D. It's also got 34 Texture Maps along with it, all in various different UV Spaces. Ultimately, the end goal here is to add some much higher detail and pizzazz to all of the models and the spaceship interior itself, also using the beauty of all of 3D Coat's amazing tools for painting wear and grunge to make the overall interior feel grungy and decrepit. I'll just bullet point out my questions here, or my sticking points, and hopefully, you guys can shed some light! - Would the proper workflow be to bring in everything that was contained in the original .OBJ, the spaceship interior and all it's interior props together into one 3D coat scene so I can see everything in context? This would be my ideal workflow, so I can paint dirt and grime where a given prop is placed, etc. But, I'm unsure of how to approach getting everything imported in, and all the UV sets hooked back into their proper places. - The models are optimized for games so they aren't set up for Subdivision smoothing, which we'll need to do our final rendering. Is this something that should be done in C4D before coming into 3D Coat? Adding edge loops and whatnot? Or even doing the Subdividing and smoothing beforehand? Also, the topology needs to be cleaned up on some models as well for smoothing. Again, the models already contain UVs with included textures. Or is this something that 3D Coat may be better suited for? - Not EVERY model has UVs so some parts of certain models don't have an associated UV set. Some of them are part of a bigger polygon object. So for example "Radiator" is made up of several pieces, including some tubes that don't have UVs etc. Is the right way to prep something like this to break the object into all of its discreet objects, or can some things stay together as they are in the .OBJ? - What IS the correct way to prep this particular model in C4D for the smoothest results in 3D Coat? Again, it came as just one .OBJ that when broken apart into Polygon groups is many items, with as many as 34 different Textures of different UV spaces. I've attached a screenshot to help illustrate. There is a lot more to the model, this is just one wall. Any videos or demos that touch on a workflow like this would be greatly appreciated! Are there any comprehensive 3D Coat trainings you guy's endorse or recommend? Thanks for any help you guys got for us!
  5. bowserlm

    [Solved] No spec is displaying for any smart shaders

    Doh! That was it. Sorry, SUPER new to 3D Coat. Loving it so far. Thanks!
  6. I'm on macOS 10.13.6 and 3D Coat 4.8.20 and I'm having issues where sometimes for whatever reason a particular layer won't paint any more. This was happening on a particular model, so I restarted 3D Coat and tried from scratch and now no Specular is being displayed at all. When viewing the Smart Material Preview for any of the built in Metal textures, none of them are displaying with their appropriate spec.
  7. bowserlm

    3d coat output redshift c4d workflow

    It doesn't seem to work for me on macOS 10.13.6 with R20. When I run the plugin and it opens a file browser, the "Open" button is greyed out when I try and point it to a folder. The button will become active if I select the .OBJ itself, but when I do that and click Open nothing happens.