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  1. Hi, I've recently switched from 4.9.1 to .17 and immediately run into an issue with using a shortcut for clone or delete action. When I'm trying to clone a vox layer using any defined shortcut, it seems that at random it will clone either one higher level in the vox tree, or the whole vox tree, as if I have the whole vox tree selected in the sculpt tree window. The same happens with delete action. Using the right click menu works properly. I have no issues with other 3dcoat versions. While I'm at it, I have another more general issue - Some shortcuts don't carry over with the hotkey backup file between version. Is there any way to bring all shortcuts in? Thanks! Pavel Log.txt PavelPost_16_2_2020_v4.9.17.txt
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    Plasma SMG

    Iv'e been using 3dcoat sculpting alot for hard surface stuff lately in combination with Keyshot. More on my Artstation page