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  1. Hello i have a mesh with one uv tag coming from cinema 4d and i want to pick spesific UV islands and transfer them to a different texture set, essentially creating an extra uv tag for these objects. Can do that in 3d coat keeping one unified mesh instead of having to break the mesh into parts and redoing the uvs? How can i go about doing that? Is that possible? Thank you
  2. Hello, just a quick question. is it possible to maintain my selection tags and material assignments from Cinema4d to 3D Coat and back? I had assigned materials and after i did my UVs in 3d Coat and exported my fbx back to Cinema4D all that was gone replaced with a single generic material. No selection tags, no materials? Could this be because of an export setting or is the fbx file format? i dont know. Thanks
  3. I opened the file and as i hover over the problematic areas (the ones that greyed out) even though the checkerboard is there at first they do not show up in my UV set. As soon as i hit unwrap the same thing happens. Those areas become grey and lose the texture information. One problematic area is around the grill on the side. That is so weird...i am not a UV expert but i really cannot imagine what is happening. Maybe i could try the new version..
  4. Hello Carlosan, thank you for replying. Import settings i leave at default and i have not created a separate UV set (deliberately at least). My model is one mesh and i want to have one texture at the end. Deleting unused UV sets didnt fix the problem. i import my model i press clean seams and clusters. i create some new seams and then i unwrap again. thats when some areas get greyed out and dissapear from my UV set alltogether. I'll just attach my model here so you can take a look. AC_T1_3DCOAT.3b
  5. Hello, this is my first time trying out 3d coat and i' ve been bumping into the same problem on a particular model i'm working on. After i add some seams, change my uv layout and then press UV Unwrap some areas on my model become grey with no checkerboard projection on them and they also dissappear from my uv set. I have checked my model and cleaned it up twice by now, making sure there are no weird areas but i have no idea what is causing this. Any ideas?
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