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  1. Yo - I am selling my license of 3DCoat Pro 4.x for US$160, because I am not needing it lately in the type of work I have been doing, but it is wonderful, and I have enjoyed it a ton when I used it, but my current gigs that are going to be cranked on into the foreseeable future really do not require 3DC, and I am ready to pounce n some new GPUs.. and selling this will help offset that cost a wee bit.... This is quite a deal friends, if you are looking to buy, and especially if you have been waiting for a great deal to come along, I think it is pretty unlikely that you are going to do any better than $160... that is my guess... PM me and let's make this happen. Pilgway will transfer the license.
  2. FrankSilvaHM

    How does one sell their 3DCoat license?

    Now willing to let go for $160... Anyone looking to buy 3DCoat 4.x Pro can save themselves hundreds right now. PM me.
  3. FrankSilvaHM

    How does one sell their 3DCoat license?

    Hey, thanks Carlosan! Sounds good! Now someone buy this dang thing! :-)
  4. Hi Guys - I'm an owner of 3DCoat 4.8 Pro, but I'm finding that ever since the gig that I originally bought it for, I just really never need it, and I'm wanting to sell it if I can. So how does one actually go about selling their license? I have PayPal so that part is easy -- but in the handful of threads I looked at where folks were selling their license, I see nothing about how I as the seller would transfer the license, or how the buyer makes it their own? Am I just giving them my license key? Does anything have to be done between the buyer and Pilgway... Can anyone please help me out? BTW, I'd take $180 for it. I'm not greedy, and I'm fine taking a significant loss on this, since it got me out of a jam and allowed me to finish an important job a ways back...
  5. FrankSilvaHM

    New quad auto-retopology algorithm

    +1.. Andrew, please add to 3DC if possible.
  6. FrankSilvaHM

    Steam summer sale

    "Hello Frank , yes the price for upgrade from Amateur to Pro 3D-Coat on Black Friday will be 199$ (now is 280$ , discount will be 81$ or 28.9%) , sincerely Stanislav"
  7. FrankSilvaHM

    Steam summer sale

    Oh... Are you not at liberty to say in the forum if we should expect that the upgrade from amateur to pro will be part of the sale?... Wouldn't this be useful info for not just me, but others that may want to pounce on a discount to upgrade, come Black Friday/Cyber Monday?... I also sent an email as you suggested.. just in case Pilgway only wants to share this info with FrankSilvaHM.. which would make me a VIP I suppose.
  8. FrankSilvaHM

    Steam summer sale

    Yo - First post! My amateur 3D-Coat was gathering some dust, until I recently started using it a bunch, and much less of ZB... So my question is this: Will the upcoming 2018 Black Friday Sale have a nice fat discount on the price of upgrade from amateur to pro?