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  1. as a disclamer here is a simple description of my config + what i tried to to with 3d coat: processor: intel i5 7300HQ graphic card: 1050TI 16go RAM i wanted to use this app in order to make textures for models i ve made in blender, a simple robot character, i made shure to export it via .fbx files with just the mesh ect. This is by far the worse experience i ever had using a 3d software, i never had the ocasion to close the app from my own will because it would constantly crash, any button i pressed would make the screen freeze for a few seconds then change the textures slightly, i just wanted to apply those cool textures i saw previews of to one of my models, if people are wondering, the model i made IS optimised, less than 20k tris and UV unwrapping was already done correctly via blender, only positive point i could give to this app is that the textures did look pretty, if only i could export them without crashing! Oh and when i tried to convince myself it wasnt that big of a deal and i just had to retry for the 10th time going thought an interface running at 10fps I GOT A BLUESCREEN OUT OF NOWHERE. i dont know if other people are experiencing the same hell as me, i really hope it doesnt represent 3d coat s potential i know what i said is a bit offensive but i hope you can understand the frustration and anger this software gave me, i really want to give it another chance but right now i cant.