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  1. Is much better with mesh triangulated at export STL. As OBJ the same problems. I am trying to have more mesh polys before exporting as STL. Is a start, I don't need millions in 3D to look ok, but still need a lot.
  2. It supports almost 50 millions... but crashes when I try to export it... so is not ok because I need more than that
  3. Ok I tried everything you said... the only way the mesh is not affected is STL import and before committing it I click flat subdivisions until I have about 11 millions poly. After that if I resample mesh is affected... as you see below. I can make flat subdivisions till I am happy with the model but is hard for my PC to go over 50 millions triangles... it crashes
  4. And I import it as STL or OBJ ? I imported stl and used flat subdivision before apply
  5. Hello ! I have this problem at importing a mesh. In rhino is ok shaped and I export it as obj or stl. This is the model in rhino. This happens when I import is as OBJ... mesh is changed... new polygons appears but the details are kept like the initial model. Only mesh is in addition. Why ? AND this is when I import as STL... NO addition but the details are hardly affected and the mesh looks awful.. After the RES+ for STL imported it looks like this... What can I do ? I want to import a clean model for surface detail modelling ? Can anyone help me ? Thank you !
  6. ok didn't know. I used the brush reduce/decimate. I thinks is the same I will try
  7. Thanks a lot ! I am using Live Clay with 0% depth and the texture is working very fine is just like the preview !! this soft is amazing. I will try the UV map to see which I prefer most. I just want to ask another question. I have 50 millions polygons Is there a way to reduce them without loosing details ? maybe is another tool that I don't know about.
  8. Thank a lot ! I was painting on vertex without UV
  9. This is what appears when I enter in UV tab... nothing. I picked up smart materials and paint over the mesh... I am really noob here at UV can you send a tutorial video or something ? I will really appreciate that.
  10. I don't know how to do that... Can you help please ?
  11. Hi ! I am a noob here... I started painting this after I model it in surface mode. In some points including all the grass the texture is very bad looking. The images that I am using to texture are 2048x2048 pixels or bigger. The preview looks awesome... I read the topic about the preview and understand that they will not look the same. But as you can see there are some points with very big difference. I marked the with red. I want to obtain the quality from the preview if possible or at least the good zones (marked with blue). Is a bad mesh surface or something ? (for me it looks like the surface is the problem, what s the best tool to divide the surface ?... or something like that). I imported it from rhino exported as .STL and has over 50 million triangles. Thank you !
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