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  1. I think the text needs to be simplified on the panels. Some panel titles are too long....for example... (Brush Option Panel) can be changed to (Brush Option). This helps customizing (putting lots of panels on one row) easier to bunch up and read. When you try and squeeze lots of panels on one window it becomes impossible to click on them unless you stretch the window out further which takes away from the sculpting area. Another way is to take off all the (s) at the end of words.... stencils, windows, scripts, strips, metals, scratches... for examples... you say "wood" not "woods". This will save alot of space alone. SculptTree and CurvesTree.... could be symbols not words. Layer Blending could be LayerBlend. If you look carefully you will see alot of words are too long... examples: Cartoon (Toon), Surface Materials (Surface Mats), artman penpack (artman), Color Palette (color).... and this goes for all the wording inside the panels too.