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    Thanks! It works now. But it seems like there is still something broken. It takes a lot more time to calculate the mesh. If i cancel the autopowizard that starts with the transfer buttom in Blender and do it manually with pressing on the fbx and click on autopo it is a lot faster. Also somehow he ignores the curves with the blender mesh to autopology if i do it manually again it works. Blender 2.8 (4.January Build) 3Dcoat 2.80.31
  2. Shiv0r

    Blender Applink

    I have a problem to get the mesh from 3dcoat again to Blender. If i set the applink in Blender to mesh for auto-retopology and than follwing the instruction in 3Dcoat i getting in "creating mesh" a crash. So i tried to do it manully and it worked but if i hit "open in original app" and export it and update it in blender nothing happens. Blender Version 2.8 Beta (Build from Yesterday) 3DCoat 4.8.25