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  1. Okay I am really so new to trying this but this thread is exactly what I am trying to do. Does anyone have a video or screen shot of this process I can follow? All I want to learn (at the moment) is how to add a wood grain texture to this model and export it as a STL with the texture for FDM printing on a standard machine. For the life of me I can not seem to figure it out. I read the above post (quoted below) from digman but I don't even understand what is meant by the two lines. Seems like a 2-3 step process but I guess I need some visual references. I am using 4.8.25 and I don't guess I see the same menus here or I just don;t follow. Any visual help would be greatly appreciated since I ca't seem to follow the written info. I use Fusion 360 for CAD design however I have little to no experience with these types of programs. TIA- JG "Posted May 14, 2014 (edited) The only reason you are lost is that you do not understand which workflow to use for the task at hand which is sculpting \ detailing a model for 3D printing. Do not use the Paint Room for your specific task. Import the STL model into the voxel room either as a voxel object or surface model object. (How exactly lol?) Use your material image or a mask image to create your real depth in the model surface." (How exactly again) Wall Base.stl
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    Paint without Retopo and UV

    I am first off a complete noob at this! With that said I am trying to add a wood grain texture to a simple model and export it as a textured 3D print (STL). Can anyone give me a run down of what to do. I have watch all the youtube videos and I know I am making this harder than it should be. I basically am not sure if I am importing this the right way. If I add the texture in the paint room (easy enough) and mover to sculpt it seems to be gone. All I want to do is add wood grain to this file. Maybe someone could point me in the right direction or a video showing the process. Wall Base.stl