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  1. Carlosan, thank you! I did actually try the cylindrical mapping, but I used the wrong settings, so I couldn't make it work as I wanted to. Trying it again after seeing your suggestion, it worked just fine! :-)
  2. I would not be surprised if this is a stupid question that has been answered before, but since I can't find the info, I'll have to ask: What technique would be suitable if I want to make a brick-like texture on a circular object? For example when sculpting something like a tower of a castle? Getting things aligned when using a brush alpha is difficult, but I'm sure there must be some easier method. Using a stencil seems closest, but since it needs to be repositioned several times, it is a bit cumbersome, and difficult to get right. A circular stencil would have been nice. :-)
  3. Thanks, I found that link myself, after I discovered that penpacks could be installed. :-)
  4. Turns out I was (thankfully) somewhat mistaken in my assumption in the previous post. 3DC printing supports brushes in the .penpack format, just not the extension format. Not sure if there's some easy way to convert brushes in the extension pack to a .penpack, but finding brushpacks that are in the supported format seems easy enough.
  5. Hmm, I've done some more research, and it seems that 3DC Printing also lacks retopo. I'm not really sure that's something I'd need, just noticed it. What is worse, is that it seems you cannot install extensions either. Brush packs, for instance. And that's a major disadvantage. You can add new brushes, but it seems you need to do it one by one, and that's cumbersome. This is a limitation I don't really get. Even if I'm not going to paint and render anything, using various brushes from extension packs when sculpting can be very useful. So that's pretty disappointing, actually.
  6. mroek

    3D Coat to Bronze

    That is just magnificent! Amazing work. Thanks for showing it!
  7. Ah, that explains a bit. I'm very familiar with working in Photoshop, and if 3DC Printing allows for import of both Alphas and Stencils (which your answer indicates), then I think 3DC Printing may be just fine for my intended usage. Shaders aren't important for me, since I don't really need to paint and decorate the models. I guess all kinds of rendering is also removed from 3DC Printing, then? No default material and basic rendering just to visualize? Again, thanks for taking the time to help me out!
  8. Thanks for replying! I have seen that playlist, but I'm not sure I agree that it answers all the questions. :-) Your answer seems to indicate that the Sculpt room in 3DC Printing functions very much like the one in the Professional version, but that it has only a few alphas and shaders. Being a novice to this kind of modeling (I'm currently using traditional CAD), I don't fully understand what this limitation entails. In this context, I can only assume that for instance alpha masks are used with modeling brushes, and that in 3DC Printing you cannot download and add any additional ones? Is it possible to get an example of what this limitation might mean? Like some concrete modeling task that would be difficult or impossible in 3DC Printing due to the limited number of alphas and shaders? Sorry if I'm being dense here, just trying to understand the possible limitations. And one more question: Is 3DC Printing usually updated simultaneously to the professional version?
  9. There seems to be little information on what the real differences between 3DC Printing and the regular version of 3D Coat are. In the comparison table on the main web page there is some limited info, but in the top row under the heading "All Main Functions" there's simply a "no" for 3DC printing, and a "Yes" for all the others. I'd like to know which of the main functions are actually missing, not just that some are missing. I have of course done some research, and I have come to the conclusion that probably everything related to painting and UV mapping is removed, but what else? I haven't downloaded and tried any version yet, mostly because I don't like to install and uninstall more than necessary (trying to keep my computer as clean as possible), so I try to learn as much as possible before committing to testing anything. To be even more specific: Does 3DC Printing offer the exact same modeling tools and modeling options as the regular version? Are the menu systems and UI the same, so tutorials made for/with 3D Coat can be followed also with 3DCPrinting? My inteded usage is modeling (probably 99% with the intention to 3D print the final model), so it would seem that 3DC Printing should be a match for me, but I don't want to buy it and then realize that it still misses something important down the line.