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  1. tolchockmaltjik

    Import & mess with OBJ

    Okey thanks! But what choice to I make in the startup screen in 3DC ? Surface Sculpting? Then go to Sculpt room and then import?
  2. tolchockmaltjik

    Import & mess with OBJ

    Thanks, that was really helpfull but it didn't really help me with my wish to continue modeling on my DAZ character. She only painted on him. How come my model disappears when I go to Sculpt mode in 3dc ?
  3. tolchockmaltjik

    Import & mess with OBJ

    Hi! So, I've been struggling for some time now. I'm making characters in DAZ and I want to import one into 3DC and to be specific: I want to get him into the scene and then slize his face off. What's the exact workflow here? Wich room do I import him into? Wich settings? Can you keep the maps while doing this? Wich tool do I use to cut a part of him away? Is it possible to export this guy with the MTL file still intact to render in other software? I want to get him back into DAZ for rendering! Right now I'm drag/dropping him into 3DC, choose import for per-pixel painting, but when I press Sculpt he disappears. And in the other rooms i can't find a function like "Cut off" in the sculpt room. When I pick import for vertex painting/big reference his maps look super weird, like low-res or something.