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    PBR Smart Materials Store Beta !

    Hi ! I subscribed for one year with the indie annual subscription plan . . . I need materials depending on the projects in different quantities. Purchasing packages of units would be better therefor. (PayPal as well) So I will see if this monthly adding units to the account will work out. Right now I tested some of the materials in 3Dcoat and they are well designed. The Preview in 3Dcoat could show bigger pictures on mouse over hovering since for example the fabrics structure is not visible at all. So I have to apply the material to a test object first to find out if it is the type of material needed for the surface. The store shows better (more detailed) pictures of the smart materials at the moment. Importing and organizing lots of materials in 3Dcoat should be improved if we use the sbscription and have a growing number of materials to choose when working on surfaces. Thanks for the new Smart Materials Collection. I hope it will grow and add options. Regards