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  1. Thanks. Voxelize immediately is ticked. When I try to use the move tool it doesn’t work and brings up that message. The retopo is visible but it does it even with the retopo turned off. How can I fix this please. I cannot progress on this project. I’ve tried resetting the program and saving a new file. It’s never happened before. I’m using the move tool exactly how I’ve always used it. What have I done wrong.
  2. Can anyone tell me why i am getting this message all of a sudden I have always used move tool the same but now its saying this.
  3. Merry Christmas everyone. Which setting for normals in 3d Coat has the tangent basis X+ Y+ Z+ Also, how can I stop 3D Coat from reverting to default settings every. time. i. open. it. Seriously, I need it to remember my settings and its not.
  4. idgaf im not using those programs, am i. this is also the community board for 3d coat so.. w/e
  5. yes unfortunately i found out after spending days making those models lol, as you can probably tell from my original post i was pretty frustrated about it. 3d coats amazing (though having a lot of annoying bugs atm ) still love the program, its amazing
  6. yes i get what you are saying, but ill clarify, every edge has to be exact to the the edge, even the cuts and indents because they will need to line up with the next pieces cuts and indents the same so if i push any edge or part ive cut out around, that wont be the case any longer since it doesnt snap to exact edges. pushing points around isnt exact so unless im missing something youre saying, it wont be the result i need. im not sure if you saw the original picture i posted with the multiple pieces. the other issue is, if i auto retopo without decimation its way too high poly, i want a peice of mesh that is perhaps 20 faces max, which is easy to do in maya in a longer more boring way because its not clay modelling. if that makes sense. also to get a perfect square cube id have to have 50 million resolution or something and having that many pieces at once, my pc cant handle that , i mean i have 32 gigs but its not going to handle it. as carlosan said, 3d coat cant do this particulat thing, its great for most things but not this kind of exact hardmodelling
  7. Even if i were to, the act of pushing the points around a bit makes it out of alignment. it doesnt snap to the exact edge of anything, meaning if i have two parts of path for example that will be butting up against each other in another platform, the mesh has to be exact or it will stand out very clearly when its put together, the mesh i am trying to retopo still has a rounded edge to it even at extremely high resolution so when i do the retopo by decimation which is the only viable way ive found to do it, it calculates the rounded part too and i end up with a mess. I have put it aside as i wasted too many days trying to find away to do it. ill have to make it in another program then import it to 3dcoat to uv and paint but it will be another time, im new to 3d coat also so i appreciate you suggestion i may give it a try anyway. thanks
  8. Hi there i mentioned this after a few hours of the new release and someone said it was a "new feature" now I cant imagine any work flow where this is an actual help so, can someone tell me how i can disable this, or when this is going to be reversed, its really really a problem for me. I did see a mention somewhere that it was indeed a bug but i cannot find the thread again and i dont have a lot of time to look. so please dont jump on me for starting anew topic, i just want to know when this will be dealt with. i just got the update yesterday and its still doing it.
  9. Another possible bug. When in select mode in retopo room, set to faces, and then press delete to get rid of faces, it flicks to edges mode. wasn't doing this ever before.
  10. 3D coat should stop marketing its program as possible to do hard surface modelling then or make some changes. what a waste of time ive made all because the videos say you can hardsurface model. its a great program for organic but i really wish 3d coat was less confusing on its capabilities. why does it have retopo by decimation for hardsurface if you cant hardsurface model. shouldn't snapping to an exact point be a feature.
  11. No. None of these show anything to snap to exact edges, i already looked at them before i asked on the forum. Is it impossible for 3d coat to snap to exact edges? on hard surface? the instant mesh is way too high poly and at the lowest poly it doesnt even keep the shape. nothing works except the retopo via decimation but even that is a mess because i cant get the sculpts to be exact square on the edges. its needs to be exact. so it can line up when put together. it will be noticable like dogs balls if i line it up with move tool as i cannot find a way for it to snap to exact edges. this program has become my nightmare and im about to just delete it
  12. hello? anyone? the problem as far as i can see is even though i made the shapes very high poly, the edges are not square. they are rounded so it messes up the retopo. its impossible as far as i can see to do a manual retopo on hard surfaces in 3d coat to eact edges because the move tool does not allow you to snap to edges! Is this urgent help forum or am i putting his in the wrong place, this isnt a hobby for me, this is my job, can someone please help or why am i using 3d coat.
  13. Hi there can anyone tell me how to hard surface to exact corners etc but extremely low poly as in, one face per flat surface for most of these parts. must be exact though. I have tried all kinds of auto retopo settings and even tried to do it manually but nothing is working, when i do the hard surface autopo it does not merge the corner vertices and overlaps faces, then when i try to merge them using the move tool it makes it get out of alignment. I just don't know enough about the technique or this program to do it correctly. When i do it manually it does not let me snap to the exact edges, maybe i am doing it wrong. Any help is really appreciated. Many thanks
  14. There is only retopo on one uv set because you told me to merge uv sets :/ Your file lets me snap to voxmodel but mine does not, what did you change?
  15. Thank you, i used migration master under the help menu which i found by accident and its restored everything.
  16. This was happening before I moved to the updated version, but now its become a massive issue, all of the materials i purchased from the 3d Coat store, are broken. Have i installed them incorrectly? or is there a specific place i need to file them in order for them to work.
  17. Thanks for the new version, quick question, when i installed it, it deleted all the custom brushes, models, materials etc i had saved, how do I get those back.
  18. https://www.dropbox.com/s/wfs93q18vvaxp5v/tjunctionroad.3b?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/0otewrezu0fkunm/crossroad.3b?dl=0 Thank you, the crossroad file is the original, the tjunction is the changed one that wont snap the retopo. i dont even know if i am doing everything correctly i just learnt from watching tutorials and making errors, i just do what works, any suggestions are appreciated.
  19. Yes sorry, i hope this is good enough, if not you will have to tell me how youd like me to share it, im sorry i had a rough day and this didnt help. Any help is appreciated.
  20. i just updated to version 4.8.44 and same thing, its ignoring the changes i have made to the sculpt. did i put my SOS urgent request for help in the right area? you know, im just going to remake it from scratch, the amount of time ive wasted waiting for help i could have made it already. thanks anyway.,
  21. I am using 4.8.37 that is the latest version i can see to download from the website. I purchased through steam and steam doesnt seem to push updates just as a side note. Can you give me a link to a version that does not have this bug, i have been unable to work on this file. i dont want to redo the entire thing.
  22. Anyone please? it is urgent id be most appreciative if someone knew how to fix this
  23. merge uv set didnt work n the last one i did, i had to redo the entire retopo mesh and i lost a day i really do not want to do that again. is it a bug or is it because i altered the sculpt and had already baked the un-altered object. I cant find any info or tutorials on how to add things into your scene, once you have already done retopo, uvs, baking and painting, i did it and got to baking part and it just replaced the paint object that was already in the paint room instead of adding to it. what am i doing wrong here. or can 3d coat not do this
  24. yes im working on the right uv set, i dont want to merge it as it will take too long to separate it again
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