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  1. allanmrtn

    3DCoat 4.9 testing thread

    Andrew are we getting back the lassos in Extrude and Build tools as well?
  2. allanmrtn

    3DCoat 4.9 testing thread

    Anyone's got info about the grayed out lasso tools? 4.9.05 still had them.
  3. allanmrtn

    3DCoat 4.9 testing thread

    Any updates regarding the missing lasso brushes in Build, Extrude, Hide etc?
  4. Hello, I was wondering if there is any way in 3dcoat to preserve the sharpness of the edge or border of my voxel model when I'm downsizing the resolution. I noticed it usually makes my model dull with the excessive rounding/beveling of the edges. Any ideas?
  5. allanmrtn

    2d paint with symmetry lagging: GPU, CPU or RAM bottleneck?

    Do you have any information on 3dcoat's usage of core count and clock speed? I'm also debating between AMD's 3700x with 8 cores vs the 3900x with 12 cores. It's a big price jump and I wanted to make sure the extra 4 cores wont go to waste.
  6. allanmrtn

    2d paint with symmetry lagging: GPU, CPU or RAM bottleneck?

    How much RAM and VRAM would you consider for a smooth overall experience? 32gb and 8gb?
  7. I really want to use 2d paint with radial symmetry but it lags like hell, even in the lowest resolution possible. Im building a new pc now and I was wondering where should I focus my efforts to make a goos 3dcoat experience in general but specially 2d paint? CPU, GPU or RAM?
  8. allanmrtn

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Any release notes for the 4.8.39?
  9. allanmrtn

    [Bug] Toothpaste super annoying behaviour

    Oh man I thought it had worked but not at all actually. I even went to Edit - Reset Prefs and checked all the boxes. Nothing. I also tested with the Muscle brush and it works flawlessly, as I expected the Toothpaste to work just like on my Win10 machine. See the contrast: I also tested with my mouse out of fear that something could be wrong with my tablet/stylus but no difference. Could this be a bug in the brush itself in the current MacOS version of 3dcoat?
  10. allanmrtn

    [Bug] Toothpaste super annoying behaviour

    Great, I dont know what it was but the weird spirals went away! Put everything to default in every curve setting possible. Now one thing that is less than optimal is the angle of the stroke: I wanted the stroke to be flat against my surface like the one on the right, but it seems to be random. Frequently it will rotate the shape on the axis of the direction of the brushstroke and I end up with those things bulging vertically. Is there a fix for that too?
  11. I have seen countless toothpaste videos and none of them behave like mine is. Please take a look: Instead of making nice flat strips, it keeps spiraling mid-stroke. I can't make leaves or muscles or ground. I've already checked snap to surface. Doesnt matter the viewport orientation. Is there something else I am missing? I'm on a Mac, latest beta version.
  12. allanmrtn

    Camera rotation lag (Navigation)

    Hey were you able to find a fix for this issue? I am experiencing EXACTLY the same symptoms and I have the EXACT same machine. Macbook with those specs. Im going crazy here!
  13. Hey guys, Im new here. Hope this is the best place to ask this sort of question. Basically I want to reassign the standard eraser / invert direction shortcut from CTRL to something else. Maybe SHIFT or ALT. I can't find the setting responsible for that feature though. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!