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  1. That's right, I solved it on huion control panel. Unfortunately, as you said the pen switch to eraser everytime, but this is the only way for it to work at all, so I deal with it.. I'm used to click twice on the pen now, so I stay to the right mode I want. I don't have a better solution right now :(
  2. Nevermind, I just found the solution. On 3D Coat I kept the WinTab activated, and just had to change an option on the Huion Tablet driver: For the first button on the pen settings, I activated the switch mode ON between the pen and eraser (which I didn't understand on the previous topic, but since my settings are in french, I couldn't find the meaning in the first place). Now it's working perfectly fine!
  3. Hi, Once again I need your help for a brand new problem I met since I changed my tablet Wacom for a Huion (Q11K V2) one. The tablet is working very well on all my softwares, but when it comes to the pen mode on 3D Coat, it just switch for eraser mode. I found other topics about the same problem like this one : but it doesn't help me at all. (I don't know if it's me who doesn't understand or doing it all wrong) For example: what is the "switch mode" which is quote on this topic? I don't get it, is it the tablet interface? (Wintab//PCTablet) Sorry for my bad english, I hope I've been clear enough about this issue. Thank you very much in advance!
  4. Yes, we both have GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, and the last update (417.71). We work on GL version since we met some problems when using DX version. But we already try to do the same with the DX version, and still have the same problem. BUT! I just uninstalled 3D Coat again, but this time I deleted the 3D-CoatV48 folder too (thank you for the path) and now it's working! Something probably turned bad at some point, I don't know why, but now it's working and it's all that matter. Thank you greatly for your help, I would still be stucked here without you Have a wonderful day!
  5. That's what we thought, so we checked the permanent settings for the Clay shader, but they are both exactly the same. And in fact, my light turn to be very violent for any shader, but I didn't see it since it wasn't burning as much as the Clay shader. How could I delete these user modifications, so I could have clean settings when install 3D Coat again? We checked for contrast, and even reset settings many times, but it won't change a thing.
  6. Yes, that's how we proceed for now: my co-worker create the scene where the mesh is imported, then share it with me. This way the Clay shader is working perfectly, but not when I am the one to create the scene and import the mesh. Thanks for your time in this case
  7. I tried to apply the same HDR, with same light intensity but it doesn't help. The normal scale for the noise is much bigger than his, which is weird. We are both in "GGX, Lambert", but even if we changed it for "GGX, Burley" with "Greyscale Panorama" activated, it won't change a bit. And now a new problem appears: my light burns everything at 100% of intensity when I import a mesh with Clay shader assigned. My co-worker has the same amount of lighting but his scene is clean, I don't understand. I start to think the problem come from the Clay shader since the light won't burn my mesh with other shaders.. I tried to uninstall 3D coat (V4.8.25), and I even tried to install V4.8.32 too, but the problem remains. My co-worker had the same problem on his personal computer, but he installed the V4.8.32 and never met this problem again. The only difference which keeps to occur is the "object scale" which is still different between our 2 scenes after a new import of the same mesh. Mine change all the time but my co-worker's stay at a value of 1. So I don't understand what is this "object scale"?
  8. Hi, With a co-worker, we are working together on some sculpt, and at some point I needed to import one mesh of his own for sculpt. But every time I import his mesh, the Clay shader looks very different from his 3D Coat scene from mine. We checked scale, render settings and shader settings. We reset all settings too, but it still won't work. Here are our steps when creating a new scene for sculpt: 1. New -> Surface sculpting 2. I choose my mesh here (.obj) 3. The "Tool Options" window is opened, I check nothing will change my scale and Apply 4. The window which ask me to keep dimensions for export is opened : I press "Yes" 5. I go in Draw mode, then assign the Clay shader My co-worker did exactly the same and his result is very different from mine.. The only difference between us for settings is the object scale which is a value of 1 for my co-worker as mine turn to 0.03 when imported, and we can't explain why.