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  1. lc8b105

    A new kind of 3D Mouse

    Hi Spiraloid, have you watched the video as AbnRanger adviced? If not, go ahead to download & watch it, and let us know if it helps. http://cgdigg.com/rw3d.php That video demonstrates how to convert a 3DConnexion in to a single axis turntable as you described above. Then you can use the 3DConnexion as a single axis turntable with you left hand, sculpt the model use a mouse or tablet with your right hand.
  2. A new kind of 3D Mouse called 3D-Spheric-Mouse by Axsotic from Germany, looks cool! http://bit.ly/a4pQMm
  3. To achieve the effect in the official video, give the "Z-Bias" parameter a higher value - such as 9.0 or 10. As shown in the screenshot below:
  4. lc8b105

    'BKSP' - Delete hotkey, OSX, laptop

    That's strange, don't own a UK keyboard though. How about "option + Backspace" ?
  5. lc8b105

    'BKSP' - Delete hotkey, OSX, laptop

    Hi Vlad, I'm also on MacBook Pro (MB471) and I use the "delete" key on my keyboard to delete a hotkey from the menu and it works great. See the attached image below, the "delete" key: To define a hotkey use "fn + Right Arrow key".
  6. lc8b105


    MovieReshape: Tracking and Reshaping of Humans in Videos http://bit.ly/bkUHzg This looks really cool!
  7. WebP is a new image format by Google, which offers compression that has shown 39.8% more byte-size efficiency than JPEG for the same quality. I'm just wondering if there is any point for 3D-Coat to support it? http://code.google.com/speed/webp/
  8. lc8b105

    Unity 3.0 released

    Yeah I like the new dark grey- nearly black UI. I'd say the look and feel of its UI just awesome, they really did a great job at this point. The Layout, color theme, icon, tiny UI elements, just nice.
  9. lc8b105


    The Gizmo changes in different tools. I think it's normal that in "Axial" tool. In "Transform" tool you will see red bars for rotation. About the "wrap does not connect correctly", could you show a screenshot of the little Params window?
  10. lc8b105

    Yet another Licensing question

    "Help" - "Uninstall license"
  11. lc8b105

    3.3 Manual too dark

    I think it's better to use Adobe reader.
  12. lc8b105

    Happy birthday, Andrew

    Just saw on the TV that today is Ukraine's National Special Day in Shanghai World Expo.
  13. lc8b105

    Happy birthday, Andrew

    And just serveral months later, it'll be PILGWAY's 4 years old birthday. Just curious will there be a celebration or something similar ?
  14. lc8b105

    3D-Coat at Siggraph

    Glad to see the Photos! Especially for us who was not able to attend Siggraph. You guys are awesome!
  15. Don't take this into a Mac - PC war. If there are bugs, let's help Andrew to fix them one by one. (Provides him the steps as details as possible to reproduce the bug)