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  1. OsiyoStudio

    4.9.37 seems to be stuck in a render loop

    4.9.37 seems to be stuck in a render loop on my iMac running Catalina 10.15.4
  2. So I guess no one else has this problem?
  3. program works fairly ok - just crashes every time in try to AUTPO - even a simple share
  4. tried all versions 4.8 to latest beta - nothing works - either hangs or silently crashes - now I'll have to go to the dark side and use Substance Painter
  5. running Mac Catalina - every time I try to AUTPO 3DCoat crashes after clicking next in last message box
  6. OsiyoStudio

    are there plans for 32 bit rendering

    and support for exr | tif | psd
  7. Are there plans for AppleLink and Lightwave 2019
  8. OsiyoStudio

    Where is 32 bit rendering in v4.8?

    Where is 32 bit rendering in v4.8?