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  1. glw

    [Solved] TAB - Hide Windows Equivalent ?

    Is this possible in 3D Coat or should I put this "feature request" section?
  2. glw


    Great shot. You nailed the "ad campaign" look.
  3. glw

    Set Abominae

    Really like this guy.
  4. Some stuff I finished this past month. The Snake Lady and the Pregnant Lady are remixed older projects that I redid/improved in 3D Coat. The Alien Guy was started in Sculptris and then finished in 3D Coat. The Big Blue Guy was created entirely in 3D Coat. I may end up adding some clothes to the Big Blue Guy but I wanted to move on to other projects.
  5. Hi there. In many graphics programs there's a way to hide all pop-up and docked windows and enter "full-screen" mode by pressing TAB (Photosho, Krita, Gimp, Paintstorm, Sculptris). In Blender 2.8, it's CTRL+SPACE (was CTRL+DOWN in <2.8). Is there an equivalent in 3D Coat? I know you can kill the title bar and enter "full-screen" mode by hitting ALT+ENTER but that doesn't hide any of the docked windows. I'm hoping there's a Photoshopish, one-key solution like we find elsewhere... does it exist?