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  1. If I import a rawvox file and save it back to a rawvox file the resolution changes. Can I somehow avoid the behaviour ? Is there an implicit padding ? I think the behaviour changed from 3Dcoa 3 to version 4.
  2. Just uninstalled 3.7.16 and installed 3.7.13 because in the latest build import rawvox seems to be broken. The menu just does nothing. No error message no reaction. After downgrading to 3.7.13 import rawvox works again as expected. best regards martin
  3. With import Image I get a volumetric map of earth and would like to wrap it around a ball. But all in volumetric. Can this be done ? How can it be done ? All help very much appreciated !
  4. How should this work ?? As far as i know does lightwave not support ptex mapping. There is just UV mapping and serveral projections .. like camera, front, cubic, sperical, cylindrical, etc ..
  5. As I said in another thread, for a start it would be nice if you could export the strokes to the retopo room and use them as polylines, loop borders, or just save them to an obj to be used for eg. spline patching in another app. this would be a great help and should not be too hard to implement. I guess it would be easier than a force flag for strokes in autopo .. cheers dulo
  6. I already tried to cut multiple times to improve the probability of a loop, but it doesnt work very often and it would be ideal to force some strokes to be exactly the loop. Thanks for your help dulo
  7. What can be triggered over the AppLink interface / mechanism ? Can you just trigger load and save or is there more functionality ?
  8. Maybe i am going to rephrase my question a little bit.. Is it possible to use the autopo guides ( spline guides and cut strokes .. i think they are called strokes ) for non autopo operations ? Can i create some "borders" with those strokes and fill them with quads ?? something like the spline patching in Lightwave ?
  9. The RawVox 3B conversion is already done. I have written a .net c# converter for this job. But each following operation has to be repeated for all 300 3B files by hand and i was looking for a tool to automate at least some of those simple steps. thx dulo
  10. Correction: I meant converting RawVox to 3B file !! Afterwards i would need to export the retopologized mesh to obj and this to bgeo , but thats another story. As far as i can tell no scripting in 3DCoat !? Is that right ?
  11. In the second screenshot you see one edgeloop selected not 3 or four. Thats my problem and thats what i mean by spirals. this loop spirals though the hole of the prostate instead of being one slice like in the autopo strokes ..
  12. Thats exactly what i do, but i alway get those spirals like in the second screenshot. In the second screenshot you see the edgeloop selection which goes through the whole several times, and none of the loops looks like the stoke i paintet in autoretopo. Sometimes it helps if i draw several strokes close to each other then sometimes i get one working loop ... now i think about doing all the topology by hand but for this would still the strokes be handy to build my quads around them ..
  13. Is it possible to force edge loops on strokes in autoretopo or at least to use the strokes to create quad strips in normal retopo ? I have this mrt scan of a prostate and i would need at least two of those strokes as edgeloops in the mesh. I the moment i always get some kind of of open spirals instead of a closed loop ( see second attachment ). If i could export the strokes somehow i could man some spline patching in LW for example, but i didnt succeed in this direction too.. thx for your help dulo
  14. Extrude was exactly what i needed. thx a lot for your quick response !!!
  15. Is there a possibility to apply a global fill ( fill brush with certain intensity applied to the whole object ) just like you can apply a global blur on a voxel object ? I have the problem that blur makes the object "smaller" . I would need something like a dilation and afterwards a blur operation which smooths high frequency noise, but doesnt shrink the volume and doesnt erase tiny islands. thx dulo
  16. I will give it another try but yesterday it didnt work with double click .. and it would be very handy for those tiny hand and foot bones !!!
  17. This technique with the pose tool in 3Dcoat really works and already makes my life a lot easier !! Thanks a lot ! Great idea. The Cell/Hide stuff doesnt seem to work for me. It just hides the voxel cells i select but not the connected voxel cells. I tried with both stamp tools from the E panel. But again thanks a lot.
  18. The problem at hand is that i have 300 RawVox files and want to convert them to bgeo files. Its quite repetitive and very slow. Each RawVox file takes about 20 minutes to load. For this Task i would have needed some scripting capabilites. thx dulo
  19. Is it possible to export the auto-retopo guides. If you autoretopo a Voxel Volume you can cut through the volume if you drag from outside the volume to another point outside the volume and with strg click into the volume you get those really nice spline guides on the volume surface. I would like the export those as poly lines to use them in a Nurbs modeler . Is this possible, is something like that planned for future versions ? thx dulo
  20. Thats not exactly what i need. I have a complete skeleton from an MRT Scan but I have to retopologize each Bone seperately to get proper Meshes. Often its really hard to split the tiny bones in seperate layers to send them to retopo. I would need a tool to select connected voxels which would in most cases select one complete Bone. At the moment I am working with the hide and split hidden tools but they are quite tedious for this task. I think that the logic must be implemented in 3D Coat because this Blob search is needed for autoreptopo.
  21. I would like to select Voxel Blobs. Is there some possibility to do so in 3D Coat ? The code should be there. For Autoretopo it should be essential to find Voxel Blobs/Islands. thx for help and tips dulo
  22. Is it also not possible with the SDK ? There is an SDK isnt it ?
  23. Is there a possibility to to some scripting of 3DCoat functions ? Is it possible to write a plugin which does an operation for 1000 objects ? Is it possible to write some kind of script to do a repetitive job ? thx dulo
  24. Is there a way to batch convert 100 rawvox files into 3b ? each rawvox file is about 3gig so it would have to happen one after the other. thx dulo
  25. I it possible to run Autoretopo on a pure Voxelmodel ? I wrote an importer which reads dicom mrt/ct scans and i would like to create meshes for the scanned organs. I only see the possibility to run autoretopo on meshes which creates voxels models from meshes, but i dont need this step because i already have voxel models. thanks for help and tips dulo
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