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    3DCoat 2021 Coming Soon & Special Offers

    Thanks for your support too, Kenmo!
  2. 3DC Support

    3DCoat 2021 Coming Soon & Special Offers

    Apologies for no specific information provided officially yet. We're planning to announce all the details on the new 3DCoat's website within the next few weeks. Regarding the upgrade pricing question, if you own a 3DCoat V4 Professional license purchased more than a year ago, your upgrade to 3DCoat Individual is expected to cost no more than 89 euros. Please, let us know if we could help with any other info at this point.
  3. 3DC Support

    Yearly Pricing Model?

    Thanks for your interest in 3DCoat 2021, it’s going to be a big release for us, especially that on top of the traditionally strong and improved 3DCoat’s toolset, like sculpting, retopo, UVs etc, we’ll introduce a bunch of new instruments, such as nodes editor, curves, low-poly modeling, new brush engine, strong new renderer and more. All that combined should make 3DCoat an all-in-one solution for any 3D-art needs. Now, regarding your question about the release and subsequent upgrades, we’re still having internal discussions, but our thinking is as follows: with the purchase of a permanent license (yes, we will continue to sell permanent licenses which never expire) each user will receive free program updates for a certain period of time. Most logical would be to limit that by 365 days following the date of purchase. Within those 365 days you will have free updates. And for those users who want to continue updating their program, we would charge a small fee to extend that free updates period. We’re considering a fee of 40-45 euros for the latest build with new 12 months of free updates if you purchased more than a year and less than 2 years ago. And for those who purchased over 2 years ago, the latest build with new 12-month free upgrades would cost no more than 89 euros (even if you purchased 5 years ago). Just to be clear, that upgrade fee is optional and it’s fully up to you if and when you want to get those upgrades. As 3DCoat’s functionality grows, that fee for program updates is a forced move for us to be able to effectively continue developing and supporting the program. We understand that such a fee may look a negative move, therefore our intention is to introduce a very reasonable fee, which could be acceptable for our clients, yet able to support our continued development. Please, let us know your thoughts.
  4. We tried to reach you by email, but it bounced back, so not sure you received the message. Just in case, here's the answer: --- We can see you purchased 3DCPrinting license, while trying to activate it on 3DCoat trial install. Please, note 3DCoat and 3DCPrinting have different installation builds. Both are available as trials from our Download section. Please, install the 3DCPrinting trial and apply your serial key to it. Should make it work then.
  5. 3DC Support

    [Fixed] 3d connexion space navigator rotate center

    Are you under MacOS or Windows?
  6. 3DC Support

    Call for 3DCoat Tutors/Instructors

    Hi guys, Now and then we receive requests from various businesses to help them with 3DCoat training of their employees. We therefore are calling for those experienced 3DCoat users who are willing to potentially be involved in such training as instructors. If you're interested, please drop us a note to sales@3dcoat.com. Make sure to mention the info as follows: 1. Your name 2. Your experience with 3DCoat 3. Your location 4. Your contact details 5. Any additional info that may be relevant We'll be happy to put you on the list and get in touch once the opportunity of collaboration appears.
  7. 3DC Support

    Standalone upgrade process?

    Hi Gary, For the moment, you need to download the new updates from our site manually and get those installed, yes. Unless you want to follow every Beta version coming out, you can do those updates at your convenience.
  8. 3DC Support

    PBR Smart Materials Store Beta !

    Hi all! Following your requests, we introduce a one-time purchase pack of credits available at our Smart Materials Store. Pay once and pick the materials you need most with the Basic Pack available now! Check out the details here: http://materials.3dcoat.com/buy
  9. 3DC Support

    New tutorial: General sculpting workflow

    Thanks for sharing! Also posted this on our Twitter: https://twitter.com/3DCoatOfficial
  10. 3DC Support

    Venus - Personal Artwork

    Thanks for sharing your work Taros!
  11. 3DC Support

    PBR Smart Materials Store Beta !

    Thanks for sharing your feedback Falconius, the tags idea looks reasonable indeed. We'll discuss internally what could be done to improve that.
  12. 3DC Support

    3D Bear Character

    Hi C, Thanks for choosing 3DCoat, hope you've been enjoying it so far. There's plenty of retopology videos you can find online. Here's a few:
  13. We tried, but it was stable. We were using File->Import for vertex painting/big reference. What method do you use?
  14. Thanks for the expressed feedback and ideas! That has been implemented in v4.8.34 available for download already.
  15. Hi arumiat, Import that sub-meshes for per-pixel painting, then go to UV reem, unwrap, apply, then export from paint room.
  16. 3DC Support

    Feature Request: OpenSCAD scripting compatibility

    Thanks for the ideas expressed! We are preparing a similar solution, all actions will be written to the script, you can modify it and remake scene using the updated script.
  17. 3DC Support

    It came from below

    Shared that on Twitter as well:)