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    Sculpting Layers

    Many thanks, how reliable is it? do you know when it would be added to the main app? V 4.9 release? Im asking as it will affect my purchasing decision. Kind regards
  2. ChooBoo

    3D Bear Character

    Hi All, Im very new to 3D coat and deciding whether to buy the program vs buying Zbrush. Im testing it out on a live project im working on at the moment with the 30 day free demo. Its slow going as im so unfamiliar with the program but I'm getting there. My eventual goal is to retopo the character and get it ready for AR. Any tips to help would be welcome. Many thanks C
  3. ChooBoo

    Sculpting Layers

    Hi All, Im using the 3D coat demo on a project to ascertain whether I should buy 3D coat or Zbrush at the moment. I have a questions that I can't find much documentation on. Does 3D coat have sculpting layers. what I mean by that is, instead of colour information it has deformation information per layer. So for example one layer could be for large sculpting deformations and then another could be for fine details etc. Many thanks for your help C