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  1. Innovine

    how to show primitive shapes?

    Nevermind, I found it. This is due to having Primitives tool in the Quick Access bar from older version. In if i click on Primitives Quick Access icon, i get put into the transpose tool, which is incorrect. However, setting up a new quick access icon works ok. There is clearly a bug where the Quick Access icons from the previous version are not indexed correctly in the new. ALl myt quick access icons go to the wrong tools.
  2. Innovine

    how to show primitive shapes?

    Usually when I select the Primitives tool, a toolbar appears along the top of the screen showing the various primitive shapes. But in when I do this the toolbar is not there, and I cant find it under WIndows menu. However, if I go to New, Voxel Sculpt, and click on the Cyiinder, THEN it is shown, but only then. How do I get this up in the regular sculpt view?
  3. Innovine


    I can also remember the different key assignments, but when it comes to the movement of the actual puck, I'm pretty sure my brain knows how it's supposed to work, and if the app doesn't match that (like Blender) then I have a really hard time. I don't remember exactly what it was, but I did go through all the turntable and orbit options and inverted the axes and so on, and couldn't get blender to behave like 3dcoat. I really wish the puck movement could be standardized across applications, much like a mouse behaves the same regardless of the app even if the button mappings change.
  4. Innovine

    high poly to low polly details

    The use of the displacement (also known as height) is up to the renderer. It's essentially a 2d heightmap using the UV coords, where the map contains information on how far the pixels should be moved from the surface of the polygon. In Unreal Engine 4, you can use the Parallax Occulusion node in a material to move the surface pixels during rendering according to the heightmap. So, yes, a bit like normalmaps, but not quite, as it does actually produce parallax effects and occlude other pixels where a normal map wont. I don\t know how Marmoset works so I can't comment on what it does. Why not just export the high poly model and work with that, it doesn't look crazy complex, cant marmoset handle that?
  5. Innovine


    Sadly many programs dont support it. Even the ones that do, like Blender, have some different movement scheme so it feels different.. I've never made friends with Blenders support for it, and I dont actually use it in Blender at all. It works in Unity with a plugin and that's quite ok. No support in Substance Painter which is really disappointing, and I think it doesnt work in zbrush either.
  6. Innovine


    The Pro. I love it
  7. Innovine

    Soviet lunar lander

    I've spent the last few days on a model of the Soviet lunar lander, the LOK, which was designed in secret during the late 1960's, but sadly never flew in space. It's about as accurate as I can get it, and I'm pretty proud considering it's the first complicated 3d coat project I've completed. Now all I got to do is figure out how to 3d print it
  8. Innovine

    Unpredictable, unreliable tools?

    Maybe not the very latest build, but yes, 4.9 something. I have not gone back to 4.8 to compare, but I think I felt something the same there too. Maybe its worse now, I don't know. Were things like pressure curves altered between 4.8 and 4.9? In general, I think it fair to say that I find it pretty much impossible to switch tools and guess what depth I am going to get for a particular Depth setting.
  9. Innovine


    I use a 3d Connexion Spacemouse (and it was an important reason when I chose 3d coat to be honest). I notice recently that in 4.9 when working on very small objects, the movement/panning is extremely sensitive. It seems like the displacement of the spacemouse controller gives an absolute camera movement in 3d-coat, and does not scale the input to match the zoom level. Is this configurable in some way? I'd prefer if the spacemouse movement rates are relative to the objects size on the screen, not the absolute movement of the controller. Please let me know if this description is not clear. You can probably see the problem for yourself if you up the voxel resolution and make a very small object, and then zoom in so it fills the screen and then try to pan it around. It just shoots off the screen when you touch the controller.
  10. Just a general feeling with 3d coat overall, but I never really feel I know what a tool is going to do until I start using it. Sometimes they will bulge out a ridiculous amount, some times there is no effect whatsoever. Some tools I have to crank up to really high Depth level just to see a difference, others I need to set to below 1% to get an acceptable calm response. I use a Cintiq and the pressure sensitivity commonly feels bad, either no response or overwhelming, and this differs from tool to tool. The tools are ok for what they do, I guess, but they don't feel like a reliable TOOL, like a hammer or a screwdriver. They feel like finicky, unstable, unpolished things which are liable to jump around in my hands and destroy my model as much as they help. Does anyone else feel the same way? Would 3d-coat benefit from an improvement and polishing of how tools work, to make them feel more predictable and united in their responses? Can anything be done about the sculpting-in-shaving-foam feeling?
  11. Innovine

    Is it possible to turn off the pink edges?

    You can select all edges and then Clear Sharp. Andrew said somewhere that this would be addressed in an upcoming version.
  12. Innovine

    Restrict height/depth for bass relief?

    Any chance we could get a dedicated tool for this kind of work? Something that would carve or add, while clamping to a fixed height or depth? I imagine something camera relative, with a tool option for max depth, or max height, and then when you use the tool, each stroke raises or lowers the surface based on the pen pressure, until the max height/depth is reached, and clamps it at that value... This might be a valuable additien to many tools, now that I think about it. I often get stuff which carves out way too deep holes, or rapidly builds really big, ugly bumps
  13. Innovine

    [Solved]Position when using numpad ?

    Thanks Carlosan. "Rotate around current pick point" is the one I wanted. If the mouse is over a particular point on the model, and you press a numpad button, that point will become the new view center.
  14. Innovine

    Make normal map using sculpt tools?

    Thanks, I am making some progress, but about making a BW image... that's kind of the point of doing the sculpt.. I want to sculpt the height data so I can export a normal and heightmap. Looks to me like @micro26 is sculpting directly on top of the texture, which is exactly what I want to achieve.
  15. Innovine

    Make normal map using sculpt tools?

    Thanks, but I might need a few more details on what to do here. I imported a cube mesh into the paint room and made a smart material with the texture, applied it with UV mapping, and it looks totally ok. But then I go to sculpt room and choose Paint Mesh -> Sculpt Mesh. I get the cube into the sculpt room, but it has no texture.