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  1. Innovine

    Confused about uv's

  2. Innovine

    Confused about uv's

    Currently I have UVs in the Retopo room, and these look good, however if I go to the UV room, and unwrap, they are chopped up differently. Why is this? My model is symmetric, and I've copy-pasted the UVs on top of each other in the retopo room, but when I go to the UV room, the unwrap gives me asymetrical islands... Again, what is the point and usage of the UV done in the Retopo room as an independent thing from the UV done in the UV room? I do not understand why the retopo object is different from the paint object, and why the retopo UV is different from the paint UV.
  3. Innovine

    Confused about uv's

    Thanks, but why, when I apparently do it manually in the Retopo room, and then again in the UV room?
  4. Innovine

    Hard surface retopo help

    Ahh, got you, I thought you only needed to tile on the horizontal plane. Sounds like 3d coat isn't the right tool for this job then.
  5. Innovine

    Hard surface retopo help

    Push the middle points around a bit, leave the 8 points of the flattened cube on the corners, of course. That's the point? Let me try and clarify... create the retopo first, from a primitive. Then when you go to sculpt room and import, it exactly fills the retopo mesh (to the limits of the layer resolution, which you can crank up a bit). You now have a flattened, perfect cube in retopo room, and the same shape in sculpt (with slightly rounded edges). Now if you route out some areas in sculpt, when you go back to retopo you can subdivide the cube and move the inner points to match the routed areas. Just using the Split Rings tool will snap to the surface and you get nice alignments very easily. The edges of the cube will still be perfectly in place, and will still tile seamlessly. You don't move those. If you need to, you can subdivide the edges and use the transform tool to move them up and down. It's probably not 3dcoats strong point, but I don't see offhand why this wouldn't work. Might even be an advantage to model the tiles in blender, and extrude the faces, then import those as both retopo and sculpt objects, and add small normal map details to the sculpt, and bake, I've been experimenting with this direction.
  6. Innovine

    Hard surface retopo help

    I'm fairly new to 3d coat so forgive if I'm off here.. but have you tried creating a flattened cube in the retopo room from its cube primitive FIRST, then going to the sculpt room and importing the retopo object to the sculpt room? This'll give you the exact right dimensions, and your retopo object now matches the sculpt object exactly. You can then do some cuts with limited depth, and go back to the retopo room and either bake the high poly detail into the normals, or you can use split ring tool to subdivide the retopo object, select individual faces and transform them, and generally push the points around a bit?
  7. Innovine

    Confused about uv's

    I am trying to retopo a sculpt which is made of several individual parts, into several retopo objects, and export everything using the same UV set. The individual parts are important as they get animated in my game engine later. It's kind of working for me, but I am not really sure what I'm doing, and there's certainly some things I can improve upon... Here's what I'm doing: I sculpt the objects first. This is fine. I have them set up one object per layer. Next I go to retopo room, and create one layer for each object, with the same sames. I hide everything, then show one sculpt object, and the matching retopo object, and I do the retopo. I would like to do different sized baking cages for the objects, so I now bake this object. I proceed to hide these, and repeat for the next object, baking again with a new cage. Question 1: my understanding of baking is that it creates 2d textures with the high poly info, but since I haven't done a UV mapping yet, what's going on? Is the bake info stored in an invisible 2d texture somewhere? When I have baked the objects, I add seams, and Unwrap and Pack. I also do Unify UVs. When I switch to the UV room, I can see there are still multiple UV sets.. WHat is the point of these when I just dealt with UVs? Question 2: What and why exactly did I just unwrap and pack in Retopo room, since the paint room/uv room seem to have their own independent UVs? In the UV room I now do Unify, delete the unused UVs, unwrap, and pack. Now I go to the Paint room. I use the Fill tool and click each object to paint them a different color (material ID for substance). I hide the normal map, and merge visible, to produce the material ID map, which I then export, then re-enable the normal map and export that. Question 3: Why is there a Surface Material per object, but named "Default", "Default1", "Default2"... ie, after the unused and deleted UV sets? Wouldn't it make sense to use the retopo names? Are these multiple surface materials due to me baking multiple times? Question 4: Can someone please explain the architecture of what's happening here? It looks like there are 3 entirely separated groups of UV sets, one group for the bake, one for the retopo room, and one for the paint room. Why? What is the intended workflow here? Am I missing something obvious? This whole thing seems very clicky-clicky and repeative, with multiple versions of things which is not well explained, so I'd welcome some suggestions on which steps I might be able to eliminate or avoid! Thanks!
  8. You can select all edges and choose Clear Sharp, if that's your goal. I can't say why they are pink now, and not before. Models I import from blender frequently have this.
  9. Innovine

    Bug with space mouse movement?

    Not what i mean... Even without rotation, the movement is much faster in Orthographic. I think it is not using the distance to the model. For the same panning input, it does not matter where the model is, if it is near or far, it will move from one side of the screen to another with the same amount of input pressure. This is experienced as more rapid panning motion the further away the object is. In Perspective, it takes more and more panning input to move the model the further from the camera it gets. This feels natural. I am not talking about rotation at all. There's also no FROM CURSOR option..? Did you mean "rotation around current pick point" ?
  10. Innovine

    Bug with space mouse movement?

    Do you notice in general that the camera movement in Perspective mode is slower than in Orthographic?
  11. Innovine

    blender to 3dcoat, dealing with edges

    What I'm trying to do is get the low poly into retopo, then a copy into sculpt room to add some surface detailing, and bake that back to a normal mesh on the retopo object. It'd be nice if the sculpt looked like the retopo object when I start, then I'll add minor detail and add scratches and dents and rivets, etc
  12. I am modelling in blender, and importing into the retopo room. I see that the edges show up pink, indicating that they are sharp. If I take the retopo mesh to the sculpt room, the results are definitely not sharp. If I put an edge split modifier on in blender, the edges come out sharp in the sculpt room, but I get weird ripple artifacts in many places. Can someone please let me know the correct way to model say a cylinder in blender, and import into retopo room and then to sculpt room, so that the circular edges are shown as sharp as possible, while the straight ones are smoothed.
  13. Innovine

    Bug with space mouse movement?

    Might be, but I haven't noticed any issues with it in Unity or Blender. And besides, I don't think the device knows whether I'm in perspective or orthographic mode :/ Without restarting, I tested 3d coat 4.8 and it worked OK. I then restarted my computer and it works in 4.9 OK...
  14. Innovine

    Bug with space mouse movement?

    My SpaceMouse Pro has not felt right since i switched to 4.9. Right now, the camera seems to move very slowly on the 3d coat world Z axis. when in Perspective mode. It moves ok on the other axis. The movement speeds in the SpaceMouse settings, and the modulation rates in the 3d coat preferences are all set the same. Any suggestion why it seems about 10 times too slow to move on the world Z axis, and only when in Perspective? It is fine in Orthographic.
  15. Innovine

    Symmetry panel doesn't dock correctly?

    It docks and works as expected for a while. I haven't noticed the exact trigger yet, but after a while I'll go to the side panel to use some symmetry option, and its gone. There's just the orange Symmetry tab, and all the options under it are no longer displayed. Definitely feels like a bug