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  1. Almost 4 months now, still no fix. Is it too difficult?
  2. Innovine

    [Bug] Performance problem with surface sculpting

    @Carlosan I know you guys reported this fixed already, but it is STILL broken in 4.9.65 How to reproduce: Use 3d coat without the space mouse being connected (you do need to have the spacemouse drivers installed)
  3. Innovine

    [Feature] export single object/paint object ?

    Thanks. Do they have any comment on it?
  4. Innovine

    Interface discussion

    Fluidity is not a word I'd use in connection with the UI for the new curves tool. Please redesign it, cos its horrible.
  5. Innovine

    Exporting depth along Y

    Could you easily expand the current behavior to support unnormalized exports? For example, mapping coordinates y=0 to y=100 into the black-white range? The 100 could be defined by the user.
  6. Innovine

    New Curves Beta

    abandoned for the nodes thing was it?
  7. Innovine

    New Curves Beta

    @Carlosan Can you comment?
  8. Innovine

    New Curves Beta

    How close to finished is the new Curves tool? I find the interface to be very confusing and unintuitive, with a lot of issues regarding selection behavior, and gizmos from other tools overlapping. Is the team aware of this and working on it, or do you guys need a long and specific list of what is wrong?
  9. I used the new Curves beta. First I created a cylinder primitive in Orthographic mode, as a guide, and created a curve along its edge.. I find the curves beta tools kind of weird, so what i did here way to put down three points in empty space, and then move them so the curve sat on the edge of the circle. There are probably several ways to get a perfect curve here. Next, I right clicked on the curve and selected Attach Tube: Then I duplicated the Sculpt layer and rotated it a few times:
  10. Innovine

    Interface discussion

    This is the ideal user scenario, but the wrong method while discussing the tool. Think about a hammer. When you want to put some nails into something you don't want to think about the hammer. But if you are creating or working on a hammer, you should carefully consider its balance and weight, the curves in the handle, the hardness of the steel, the curvature of the edge of the striking face, and so on. And that is what this discussion is. 3dcoat is a great program, but Pilgway are not great interface or tool designers. As a small example, when doing Retopo, it would be useful to hide parts of the sculpt for better access. But the voxhide tool is only available in the sculpt room. So there's an annoying few extra clicks just to change the visibility of what I'm working on. This hammer has a weird shaped handle and I feel like there's a lot of community pressure into not talking about it.
  11. This is my request and I am happy with that. Should be a super easy fix.
  12. wow, so the current behavior is an improvement? Its totally insane to Carve in empty space. At least now its only backwards.
  13. It should just be Inverted by default. When you left click, it should remove geometry. When ctrl-left click, it should add. The current behavior is the opposite. I think Anton is talking about something else?
  14. In all recent versions, the Carve tool behavior is wrong. It adds to the geometry, but carving means to form by removal of material. The behavior of this tool should be inverted by default.
  15. Pretty sure there's still a bug there...