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  1. Is there an estimate on the Mac Beta? I feel like I am missing out .....
  2. How do I mark the thread as solved? and remove the star I clicked on....
  3. Ok crisis everted..... Tried 3 different models and all go back and forth to paint room, following mods to UV's.......feeewwww! First model must be corrupted some how in LW.
  4. I will try a completely different model first, and report back.
  5. Update: Installed latest version 4.9.69 in Mojave. Made sure model was only tris and quads. Exported a .lwo (2015 format), obj, fbx with no uv map (auto mapping in 3D coat). In 3D coat, same crash, with all formats. Tried model export with uv map, same crash in 3D coat....... very bizarre. Looked in the report, seems to be exc_bad_acess (sigsegv)
  6. Thanks Carlosan, I will check the polys....
  7. Opened a .lwo object with no UV map. Selected auto UV in 3D coat. If I go to UV room and modify seams, and unwrap, when I go back to paint room, it tells me can't be undone then crashes when I hit ok. If I don't make any changes in UV room I can go back to paint room, also a standard 3D coat object goes back and forth with mods. Edit: also tried Obj from Lightwave and same result. Am using 3D coat 4.9.66 mac
  8. MarkC

    [Solved] Upgrade to 2021 option

    I think the best deal is if you have an older version, with an upgrade and free 2021 version. Unfortunately for us current users it’s just an upgrade (presumably similar price to previous upgrades). I am really interested in the nodal addition
  9. MarkC

    [Solved] Upgrade to 2021 option

    From what I have read, it is to be released in the first quarter of 2021.....
  10. Is there an option to save a set of layers from session to session. With my current project, I am bringing separate elements into 3D Coat, but all have same layer setup.
  11. Cool thanks. Only noticed them in recent build. I always migrate all assets and license from previous version. So just delete them.
  12. What are the ExtraDirt, ExtraSkin, ExtraCloth2, ExtraSurface, OT_Skin categories for. Do I need to download some extra stuff, or are these related to the PBR asset store.
  13. Thanks, I will have to start naming layers with Smart Material names, otherwise it’s difficult to remember what was used......
  14. I have done a paint job on one part of a model. I want to duplicate the same material on another part which will be loaded into 3DC separately. When I applied a metal material I adjusted scale etc in the viewport, how can I emulate this? Thanks
  15. Thanks Sergyi, got 4.9.66 downloaded and 3D mouse works again. Thank you