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  1. mues

    Modo appLink

    Oh, It was actually pretty simple.. The maps from 3dcoat needed to have the colorspace changed + invert green. exporting manually and dragging in gave me a prompt to adjust color correction (which i had forgotten about before). BTW thanks for this great applink!
  2. mues

    Modo appLink

    Hey, thanks for replying I basically; sculpted in 3dcoat - did an autotopo - baked sculpt onto retopo with auto uv. Then used the 'send to modo'. Normals are off, (can see the seams), I tried to invert the green, still weird. Note- it does work to export the normal map separately from 3dcoat and bring that into modo. But it would be nice if the link one worked for me I had fiddled a bit with the normal map settings, which didn't seem to work. (same problem with the default and tweaked normal prefs)
  3. mues

    Modo appLink

    The normals sent over from 3dcoat are off in modo. I've tried messing around with different normal map export options but can't seem to get it right?