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  1. No problem, pleased to hear you are aware and working on it! We look forward to the fix. regards, James
  2. Hi Carlosan, I'm joining this thread as I too experience this issue and hopefully keeping all the information in this one thread will be simpler for you guys to work through the bug and find a fix as soon as possible I represent a studio of professionals working in the games industry who all licence 3d-coat software and currently experience this issue. I can confirm in our internal tests that this is an issue with version 4.8 onwards. It does not seem to happen on our older licences 4.7 and 4.1 - at least not the versions we tested. See attached image for evidence of the black edge on each stamp of the alpha. We tested creating multiple alpha designs, using every supported filetype - png, bmp, jpeg, tiff, psd, etc... See attatched .png alpha to replicate. Current version tested 4.8.37 Currently it we are unable to create or use custom alphas for our workflow which is less than Ideal, i'm sure you appreciate! Happy to provide any further supporting information best, James