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  1. Hey Tony, I gotta say that is very impressive creative of yours! That could works but not for the whole time. I'm trying to get this "technique" if I goes like oops I gotta change few things and redo some quads I don't need. And that is the moment when I need that "technique" to get it done faster. You know what I mean? I guess we don't have that in 3D coat? Thanks Tony.
  2. Hi Tony! Thank you for trying to help me. I made two videos of comparison between maya and 3d coat. Im trying to get this "technique" from Maya in 3D coat. Because in maya you can drag to create more quads in one click. But in 3D coat you have to click in multiple times to create quads. 3dcoat.mp4 Maya.mp4
  3. Hello! I just bought it today, hoping that it works because in trial version it doesn't work. Basically what I was trying to say I'm trying to have multiples quads when dragging which is quicker than clicking at each quad. But it doesn't work for no reason. I created points for each quads and then drag the first quad across the screen by holding right click. But it's didn't work, it just gave me only one quad than giving me multiple quads. Does anyone have same problem? Any suggestions? Thank you guys