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  1. Thank you for your interest and time you are giving my request. Unfortunately I do not think it is the right solution I did some tests (I am attaching them to you) with the various sizes but in version 4.9.68 the defect persists, obviously the more you increase the size of the texture the defect becomes smaller but there is anyway. I would like to work at maximum with a resolution of 4K and the UVs are already optimized because in the empty spaces there are other pieces that I had not inserted in the test scene (I attach screen). however this bug is new because using the same mesh it is not present on the very old version 4.5 (attached screen). thanks Giovanni
  2. ok this is one of the pieces that have the problem in the UV cutting areas ... Note: I tried with an old version (4.5) and this defect is not present .. everything works correctly test_00.rar
  3. the model was imported. Tried to import it again ... and going to color immediately without additional levels ... the problem continues to exist. (I attach new screen)
  4. Thanks for the reply. But this solution does not work for my problem, it modifies the padding when exposed the texture .. but the defect of those missing pixels near the areas of the UV cut ... still remains.
  5. hello everyone, I encountered this problem on the latest version 4.9.68 (it was also present in recent other versions) I attach a screen. When I use both the brush and the filling tool in some parts of the model (in the sim areas of the UV) there are some inaccuracies in coloring, which cannot be remedied. is it a known problem? ... how can it be solved? sorry for the bad english
  6. giobianco

    rendering defect problem

    thanks, I did a test ... and indeed the defect seems to no longer exist. I had assumed that the rubber material had the low specular pattern ... but obviously not enough. Giobianco
  7. giobianco

    problem with "fill tool"

    Hi, I have encountered a problem on the fill tool ... often when using it on a part of the mesh .. the result of the material is "corrupted" ... while if you use another tool such as the "brush tool" the result is correct. (I attach screen). Giobianco
  8. giobianco

    rendering defect problem

    Hi, I wanted to know how to avoid this flaw when I render (I attach screen). Thanks Giovanni
  9. point 5 also happens in version 3.9.37
  10. the problem is also present on version 4.9.37
  11. Hi, I tried version 4.9.37. The first three points 1, 2 and 3 are still present. The last two bugs 4 and 5 have failed to reproduce them at the moment . on the other hand I found two other problems ..... 6) making a fill on the whole object some areas (pixels) of the mesh are not filled (Attach screen006) 7)when using the brush tool with the "curve stroke" and then trying to erase with the "tool erase" the tool of this is automatically set with the "curve stroke" even if it was originally set with "radius & depth pressure "or with other types, once the tool has been changed in order to cancel and finished its use, you return to the brush tool. the active tool is no longer" curve stroke "but with the" constant pressure "tool
  12. 942/5000 I attach some bugs that I found in the tool paint of version 3.9.34. 1) Occasionally at random, completely empty levels are created positioned above the entire level list (It seems to happen when the number of levels starts to be more than 20). (screen004) 2) Levels of scratch / dusth / rust if collapsed with the lower level create defects not present with the separate levels. (screen 002/003) 3) the first time you use a brush for the "brsuh tool" its size printed on the 3d object is larger than the actual diemsion, if you change the tool (any) and resume the "brush tool" the size returns correct .(screen001) 4) Every now and then using the brush tool with "vertex lasso" or "rectangle lasso" mode the program will crash. 5) Every time (maybe for memory problems but I have 32GB .. !! or Quadro2000 video card) the scene is corrupted with a series of more or less large pixels on the whole model (exporting the texture the defect does not appear on of it, therefore I deduce that it is a visualization problem). (Screen005)
  13. Hi, I tried in the 4.9.17 with the airbrush tool ... it actually works if it is used with the "radius & Depth" brush even if the result is not as it should be (example: if I use the scrtach it is all smooth and not as seen in the preview with the various well-defined scratches) while if I always use the areofragfo but with the loose brush the problem is present and it is the same as the other filling tools / brush etcc. As soon as I can I will also try version 4.9.36
  14. also on version 4.9.05 it has the same problem ... probably then it was suall 4.8.37 but that I no longer have installed
  15. in the 4.5 version it surely worked but it is definitely old ... maybe also on the 4.7 but I don't remember I used it a little .. probably the version before 4.9.17 worked .. since I had encountered the problem with that version ... Today's screens I sent had the depth channel disabled. Strange that you cannot reproduce the problem, the action is very simple ... I create a layer with a base color (layer 1), then I create another layer with the "smart material" "scratches_steel" (layer 2). .. keeping the two separate layers everything works ... but as soon as I join the (level 2) of the scratches on the (level 1) underlying the base color ... it creates those artifacts. thx