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  1. Pat, No problem, happy to help. Note that the new upgrade system only allows you to get new versions for 1 year (at the end of the year you can keep using whatever version you last qualified for). It's a bit different from the v4 era where you bought the v4 license and got upgrades all the way through the v4 cycle.
  2. Pat, you might want to wait until the Black Friday sales post here on the website. It's likely you'll be able to upgrade for less.
  3. Bump. Price is still $150 but with holiday upgrade sales coming up you'll be able to upgrade for cheaper.
  4. Hi nicktophiliakreations - I sent you a private message to discuss the details.
  5. Bump . Sale price on the upgrade lasts 3 more days. After that upgrade price goes up to ~$105.
  6. The nice thing about sbsar files is that they are very popular so you can get them from a lot of sources like gumroad for example. With that and the free plugin you have what you need
  7. Bump. Price is now $160. Brings the full 2021 cost for this license to $249 (with the $89 upgrade).
  8. Bump. The upgrade price for this license is $89. The regular license price is $340 during the sale period, you can get a full license here for $264, great deal if someone is interested.
  9. Haha, I think ZBrush is industry standard for it's sculpting capabilities, but the GUI is a long shot from something like Maya or Modo, both of which I consider to be fairly intuitive GUIs :).
  10. I agree that the UI is confusing, it took me a long time to feel comfortable there coming from Blender - though I think 2021 does help a bit in this area. It's more clean, and the rooms are more distinct from each other I feel. ZBrush's UI is probably worse, but I think you can get used to just about any UI if you work with it long enough.
  11. I'll share my 2 cents here. I think for hand-painting your textures, 3DCoat is still the better tool. It works much more like Photoshop and isn't as confusing in my opinion to just apply some paint. You have a lot of control over your brushes and the smart materials are really good (though the default library is lacking). 3DCoat also has vastly superior UV capabilities - I think currently Substance Painter is only doing Auto-unwrapping which works for some cases but isn't near as flexible as the tools you get from 3DCoat. However, Substance has a lot of things going for it as well. For one, it's a much more popular tool, so tutorials, materials, brushes, masks, etc. are much easier to find for Substance than for 3DCoat. Go search Gumroad or Artstation for "Substance" or "3DCoat" and you'll see what I mean. It also does dynamic masking better than 3DCoat. You can apply a layer and then adjust it's mask through sliders for instance. 3DCoat has similar features, but it's going to be a destructive workflow, where Substance is much more non-destructive (maybe someone can share a better workflow for this in 3DCoat). I know you mentioned you are only looking at the painting/UV features, but obviously 3DCoat is the better value proposition. You get a lot of great modeling, sculpting, retopo, etc. tools that you wouldn't get with Substance. In the end I'm taking the Substance route for myself - I don't need the other capabilities offered by 3DCoat and don't typically hand paint my models, so I'm actually selling my 3DCoat license. If you end up looking at buying 3DCoat let me know, currently selling much cheaper than here on the website.
  12. Selling my 3DCoat Professional V4 license. I just don't use it anymore. This license does NOT come with the free upgrade to 2021 as I purchased it a few years ago.
  13. No longer available, I've decided to just keep it.
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