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  1. I have installed 3dcoat 2023.12 and the layers are not working in factures room! Everything was working fine in 2022.54 but now I can't turn on/off the layers, also adjusting opacity/depth ect on layers not working too. Can someone confirm if this is a bug? I tried with the scene i have created in 2022.54, also with a new scene but the problem exists. (3dcoat 2023.12/win7)
  2. Hi Carlosan! Win7 Ultimate here too. Is this a problem for the trial version only or for the licensed too? I upgraded my 3dcoat license last December (before Christmas), and I'm planning to extend the license this December too, but this is a showstopper! Also, why suddenly have this change, meanwhile the main page advertises that 3dcoat runs on win7? Add to this that I've paid for a license not expired yet, but can't have my hands on the latest version(build) of 3dcoat? (Still on 3dcoat 2022.47)
  3. I tried a new installation but no luck again (I even tried to delete all options related xml files). One workaround I found, is to press shift key while dragging the transform gizmo which allows me to reposition the gizmo. Should I report it as a bug to the support team? Thanks
  4. Unfortunately It didn't work I'll try to uninstall and install and let you know..
  5. Well, I have a fresh installation of 4.9.66 (uninstalled 4.9.65) and the pop up window of transform tool is not like yours Carlosan! It is still like the image Micro26 has attached. "Pick Pivot", "To Bound Center" and "Align to View" options are missing. Tested in both GL/DX versions, also I tried to reset settings but no luck. Is there something I miss? Thanks
  6. alternatively, to avoid color palette tinting your image, you can also disable (or enable) color palette with RMB click on color palette. Personally I didn't know that your method has the same result!
  7. With the mapping settings dialog open you can't move / position the preview window in version 4.9.59 (GL) as well!
  8. Hi stas3dc! My concerns were mostly about 3dCoat future itself regarding potential new users such as amateurs/hobbyists/low profit users ( I already own a Pro License and the upgrade policy was clear for my case). I couldn't understand why Pilgway would kinda "abandon" this target group with the new license policy, when other companies make the opposite (even Autodesk is trying a restricted Indie license). Your reply was solid regarding possible solutions, and this is good news, thanks!
  9. I have a pro license, and from what I understand if I'll upgrade, this will be an Individual license, right? On the other hand, kinda bad news for Hobbyists, as from now on this target group will have to pay as a freelancer to have the 2021 version, and please correct me if I'm wrong. (Individual license practically merges amateur and pro licenses in one license for commercial use with a cost a bit higher of current pro license). P.S: My opinion is that sales team should announce: <No more amateur licenses. Pro license is "renamed" Individual, with no platform restrictions> and that's it. No confusing things as: The Individual license is designed for personal use, such as with solo artists working on their own project, hobbysts and freelancers. Just saying...
  10. 4.9.57 GL/DX - PAINT ROOM: When activity bar is enabled, the top drop menu that enables painting according to concave,convex, flat, ect is disappearing!
  11. Hi Hao! This is a very ..tricky bug! If you transform it only one axis at time, It looks that it's working, until you try to "squeeze" (scale down) it in any axis at a time. In scale down it's not working. Interestingly this doesn't happen if you try to "grow" (scale up) in any axis at a time. At least this is how it behaves to me, and it is one reason I thought issue solved with reset settings. I couldn't imagine that it would behave different when scaling up and when scaling down. That's why I call it a tricky bug.. - I can confirm that it doesn't work in uniform scale, as you already noted. - I can also confirm It doesn't work when resample a voxel mesh. (please note I tested only with voxels, not with surface mesh)
  12. Thanks, this worked! Tested on both DX/GL. EDIT: This didn't last too long... Carlosan, could you please try to scale the cube in an axis that affects depth only (not height or length? ) and repro the process again? (to uniform space ect) When i tested (after reset) I scaled the cube like your screenshot ant it worked, but if i scale the cube like the image in my first post the problem insists.. weird isn't it?
  13. EDIT: I tried what Carlosan suggested (reset settings) and it works as expected. Hi Carlosan , tested on 4.9.56GL, and it's not fixed. Please try the following steps: 1. Create a voxel cube. 2. scale it, non uniform in one axis. 3. with RMB select to uniform space 4. in orthographic projection apply the stencil with a rectangle lasso... not working as it should.
  14. My respect to Mr Shpagin and the support team for fixing the downgrading behaviour in voxel mode ( tested 4.9.56 /GL). Now when you restore the downgraded volume (after editing the proxy) it switches automatically again to voxels with little triangle count added to the initial volume. Thanks! p.s: this fix could also added among the others to the version history list info in the first page of this topic
  15. 4.9.55 GL - Voxel Mode - Downgrading voxel mesh [bug] - Downgrading voxel mesh still doesn't return to voxel mode if you edit the proxy . This behaviour starts to be really inconvenient. Even if I manually (after restoring the downgraded volume) convert from surface to voxel, it boosts the triangle count much higher than it was in first place. This is a showstopper. I mean, the downgrade tool is for adjusting "heavy" objects, and not having after this process much "heavier" objects to continue. //fixed
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