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    New here, seeing some weird stuff on my Voxel sculpt.

    I've worked exclusively in Voxel mode thus far. This is my issue closer up. Perhaps I haven't got enough resolution?
  2. Hey there. I'm new to 3dCoat. On a trial period still and have only really played with 3dsculpting programs in the past. I've put together a character sculpt and have been working on him for a few days now. My sculpt started off fairly smooth but as I progressed, it seems as if the tessellation(?) got really bad. I tried subdividing but that didn't help. I tried simplifying but the same thing happens. I don't have a great picture of it but here he is with an aged bronze mat and you can sort of see the issue on the bridge of his nose. I'll post a better picture when I get home. Any idea what's causing this or a cure to my issue? I'm at the point where I want to start detailing the skin texture, adding things like scaring, clothing, and posing. Is it perhaps because I need to split the model? I may have messed up the proper workflow.
  3. GenghisJohn

    Creature speedsculpt

    Very cool! I'd love to print this guy and paint him