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    Invisable poly's.

    Thanks for the help @Carlosan it is something I need help with I can't seem to get it working however I'm still new at this at will try and wing it from here, probably texture in 3d coat then import the textures into 3ds max and render from in that program. Thanks for the recommended video, and I'm sure I'll be here for more questions, really appreciate your help Carlosan. Thank you kindly.
  2. Sketchygaz

    Invisable poly's.

    CTRL + X doesn't do anything for me nothing pops up or anything.
  3. Sketchygaz

    Invisable poly's.

    I never used the retop room I used 3ds max for my model but even the cap function doesn't work.
  4. Sketchygaz

    Invisable poly's.

    It's like it doesn't even register this is how it looks in the UV tab.
  5. Sketchygaz

    Invisable poly's.

    It is like there is literally no face there, grrr here is me turning it on and off.
  6. Sketchygaz

    Invisable poly's.

    I know it should work but it does't unfortunately, is there anything else it could be?
  7. Sketchygaz

    Invisable poly's.

    Hi I seem to be having an issue, I actually thought it were my normals, however I checked them and they're facing all the right way. Anyone understand what is going on to my poly's to make them go see through, hope someone can help. Attached 2 pics.
  8. Sketchygaz

    [Solved] 3D Coat Steam Question

    Will do thank you.
  9. If I purchase 3D Coat on steam, https://store.steampowered.com/app/100980/3DCoat_48/ Am I able to download the standalone version from this website aswell? With the same license? As 20% off is pretty crazy.