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  1. Does anyone know what the differences are between exporting from the retopo and paint rooms? I'm having issues when exporting fbx+textures from the paint room (importing into Substance Painter). Attached images show the menu items I'm using to export the mesh from each room. The problem is: Exporting to fbx from the paint room (mesh + normal map, see paint-export image for settings) results in the problems labeled "FBX Export - paint room". Exporting using obj doesn't have this problem. Likewise if I use the Retopo->Export menu in the retopo room I have no problems with fbx and obj continues to work. (using the normal map exported from the paint room) Is this a bug with fbx export from the paint room or is there something fundamentally different about exporting from the two different places? If it's different why does obj work in both rooms? 3DCoat Version 4.9.02 (DX64)
  2. ChrisJD

    [Solved] Can't run 4.9.01 (0xc000007b)

    I just had this problem after Windows updated itself to 1903. Reinstalling the Nvidia driver fixed it. I assume it installs an opencl.dll of it's own.
  3. ChrisJD

    [Solved] Flat Subdivide only a specific area

    I gave up on the surface modelling approach and converted to voxels in the end. The cut tool wasn't producing very reliable results in surface mode. I was able to paint in more subdivisions with the live clay tools though, so thanks for that.
  4. I've googled around looking for a way to do this but can't find exactly what I'm looking for. I am importing a model from reality capture (photogrammetry), the model has a very low poly back side (from the mesh being closed by reality capture) and a high poly front side. I wanted to cut some holes in the mesh to tidy up the iron section on the top. But that didn't seem to work very well as the back was only being cut sometimes. Some googling suggested I needed a higher poly count on the back. So I subdivided (twice) the back in the sculpt (surface) room and tried again and I was able to cut properly. See attached images for front, back and back subdivided. The only issue is I don't want to smooth when I subdivide the back. But the only way I have found to do a flat subdivide is when importing, but that does the whole mesh which bumps the poly count by a huge amount at the front which I don't want or need. So is there anway to do a flat subdivide to a specific area of a surface mode mesh? Thanks. Chris