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  1. I use a basic transparent material, I just lower the opacity. I do it when the model has internal structures. I’ve done it before and not had this grid artifact. Anyone know why it’s there or how to get rid of it?
  2. I’m trying to understand why scale and unit of measurement don’t matter in 3dCoat. if I set the viewport to inches, then make a one inch cube, why doesn’t it change to 25 if the viewer is changed to mm? Instead, it remains 1. The measuring tool mirrors this. If I measure a length, then change the unit, it stays the same in Count and size, only changing the unit name. Ultimately, IINM, *everything* is always in mm. After years of working in inches, always having to up the res to x128 and scaling up every single one my, over a couple hundred, models in my slicing software. I only just realized I never was working in inches, but mm. I know that metric is the preferred unit to many, and I am actually trying to adapt, but this makes no sense to me. Offer it or don’t but have it work.
  3. Sorry, I meant installed on more than one computer. So I can work at other locations, and not have to transport my computer. I was getting a warning message about a 2nd computer using the license. NOTE: I’m thinking one computer was not fully off, previously. I’m certain the other computer is in hibernation now, and I’m not seeing the message now.
  4. It's been around through v4, I don't like to assume programs work the way I expect them to. I was starting to wonder if there was an intentional reason.
  5. Is there a reason why the Gizmo becomes unresponsive or moves counter to the control that is being used(ie sideways when I'm using the up arrow?). I find that fiddling with the view angle seems to help. Is there a way to minimize this behavior?
  6. Thanks! Unfortunately FBX isn't supported by my slicer.
  7. I'm creating output in inches for 3D printing(it's how I work, I don't want to argue about it.*). The slicer I use takes my models and interprets the scale as mm(doesn't allow me to set the unit type). Is there a way to get 3DC to output the model so it will open to the correct scale? I can scale it 2540%, but it gets old after probably hundreds of print jobs. *If you wonder why I would feel it necessary to add this, you might be surprised how some people react to the idea.
  8. I did update the video drivers but I didn't notice an improvement. I'm not using the beta yet. Two things stood out to me me: 1. The resolution had crept up from128x to closer to 500x. I'm tuning a model that doesn't really change in size. 2. I accumulate revisions that are mostly hidden but they all had crept up in resolution. Does the program occupy memory based on what's visible or what exists within the project? Stripping don't the project and dialing down the resolutions has made a big difference. Is it possible that bloat occurs over time?
  9. I appreciate your help. But is there a doc or video somewhere that lays out best practices for performance? Current problem aside, I'd like to understand the program better. I think what I'm working on now is not that demanding but I could be wrong. I have plans to make more involved models and want to make it as painless as possible. I did look at some of the links you provided and will go further but I think cutting to the chase in this case would go a long way . Thanks again!
  10. I timed how long it takes to function after returning from another app: 4 minutes. I don't if it's always that long. I don't get it I've been using the same version , working on the same model. it worked fine before.
  11. It's gotta be something else. It still happens a lot. I halved the resolution. I usually only have 1 to 3 objects visible at a time. I tried switching to wireframe view. They're under 3" in size. It locked up while I was using the cut-off lasso(that seems unreasonable to me). It locks up every time I return to it from another program. The only other programs open are browsers and a 3d printing slicer.. It was never like this before and I'm working on the same model as when it was better.
  12. Thank you! Could you elaborate on what that does?
  13. I couldn't find any posts addressing this. I'm sure they must be here somewhere. Maybe someone could point me at the best practices for performance. I used to just free up the hard drive but that's not helping much anymore. V 4.9.72 I'm not working on anything particularly complicated. An it's just voxel modeling. What I really don't understand is why it's started doing it a lot, even when I'm just trying to position the primitive tools. It seems like I'm waiting for it to catch up every few minutes. The pauses often take several minutes.
  14. It doesn’t do it with the cube primitive. The right object was a cube that was transformed after it was created. The left cube was created after and looks exactly like the primitive tool. No changes are made to the tool, only the output is modified. Maybe I explained it poorly. The output of the sphere tool is driving the appearance of future spheres that are added. They don’t look like the tool, the way all the other tools output does. It’s the one tool that creates objects that don’t match the tools appearance and has no reset. I can’t imagine the point of a tool that isn’t WYSIWYG
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