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  1. XCOTT

    Sphere primitive bug or feature?

    It doesn’t do it with the cube primitive. The right object was a cube that was transformed after it was created. The left cube was created after and looks exactly like the primitive tool. No changes are made to the tool, only the output is modified. Maybe I explained it poorly. The output of the sphere tool is driving the appearance of future spheres that are added. They don’t look like the tool, the way all the other tools output does. It’s the one tool that creates objects that don’t match the tools appearance and has no reset. I can’t imagine the point of a tool that isn’t WYSIWYG
  2. I don’t always know what’s what but it’s been this way for a while and it’s in the beta. I can’t possibly be the only one who’s seen it. I make a voxel sphere, I scale it vertically to make it oblong. When I use the sphere primitive again. It reflects whatever the last transform was performed on the last “sphere” created So apologies if it’s obviously a bug. If not, please explain. If it’s supposed to be that way, how do I rest it to a sphere
  3. I’m working on geometric objects to print, actual size. I want precision and I’m finding it difficult. 1. Change constrain angle from default for rotation or can I display the degrees in an OSD 2.can I use the arrow keys to position objects 3. Is there a “best practices” for fluid performances guide out there. Is it a mix of voxels and surfaces, depending on what you’re doing? 4. can I scale to dimensions rather than a percentage? I try to find answers on my own but(as I’ve probably already said) the information landscape is a mash up of very old and new and is very hard to parse
  4. I did it once before and now am having no luck. Using a 32-bit png , I can see my image over the voxel primitive. It appears reversed for some reason: white lines instead of black. When I apply cut off it thinks for a bit but does nothing. I’ve rewatched the Dirt bike video a few times but I’m stuck. ALSO, is there a way to widen an irregular volume proportionately From the center mass, similar to the expand selection command in photoshop. I’m in a bit of a crunch. Thanks
  5. XCOTT

    Add OS?

    I owned the Academic/Amateur version for PC. Then I got a 3D printer. In the spirit of fair play, I bought 3DC Printing for PC. I hadn't really gotten up to speed with 3DC(in general )at that point, but had a project that I needed to complete. 3DCP was erroring on save at the time, so I kept working in 3DC. I then found myself with a Mac as my main machine. So I bought Add OS. Now(as I posted elsewhere) I'm having trouble installing the latest version of 3DC. I thought maybe I should get back on track with 3DCP, but do I really have to Add OS for it? It's not really an option AFAIK. But $40 to switch OS for a $49 program seems a bit much(although, still slightly better than paying full price for a second copy). That long ass explanation was mainly to show I got here and that I'm trying to do the right thing , but, under the circumstances, I'm not looking forward to spending more money. By all means, delete or relocate if necessary. Not ranting just looking for a resolution.
  6. I downloaded the latest version and at first launch it just shows a blank screen, the screen closes if I touch it. It just crashed after that. I have the correct security apps setting, I deleted the quarantine setting and did it more than once from scratch.
  7. Before I start, I took a look at Mantis re: bugs/feature requests and was lost on how to submit. So maybe that's where I need help. But just in case: I'm working to scale for real world output. Objects in the 1-4 inch range. I can't zoom in past a certain point, making accuracy and details difficult. I've only worked this range, but it seems other things begin to act strange(or at least how I wouldn't expect). One it the gizmo nodes being placed off screen, and the tube primitive being faceted unless fillet is turned on. I could work in an enlarged format and scale down for export, but that has it's own problems. i'm willing to deal w it if necessary. I was hoping there might be a scale to dimensions rather than scale to percentage. I have not found it if it exists. Final question. Is there a way to fix preferences of the default, like default export format, use diameter.
  8. Ok, I realized my error. I mistook the move tool w the pose tool. Anyone care to tell me how to delete this topic. Sorry
  9. I figure it’s something I did but I’m stuck. I tried resetting some things but no luck.
  10. XCOTT

    How to sculpt to real world size

    Well, my object printed out to correct size. I didn’t notice it that time, but I printed another object, when I toggled the units from mm to inches, it was the correct size. I’m curious to see if this was a fluke.
  11. XCOTT

    How to sculpt to real world size

    That is exactly the same for me. I sorted using the ruler(somewhat) and made a 3” object. I thought the STL format might retain the dimensions but it goes in tiny(and on it’s side). My printer software lets me set dimensions but only in metric. It has an inches/mm toggle but the measurements still show as mm. Shrug. I’m about to do a print to see if it’s accurate.
  12. XCOTT

    How to sculpt to real world size

    I should add, I’m still trying to digest this program as a whole, but as I’m still in overwhelmed mode, this is but one of many topics I’m choking on.
  13. I did some searching and didn’t see what I thought I was looking for. The conversations went a bit deep for this user, for what I thought should straight forward. I just got a 3D printer(Flashforge Finder). I have a few years of professional experience(although I’ve been away for a few years) but am new to this program and 3D printing. I want set my scale in inches, work on a 1:1 scale in 3DCP and(if possible) save in a format that will go into the printer SW retaining that info. I would’ve thought this was would be a done deal, but I can’t tell if it’s so easy it’s right under my nose or somehow still unresolved. I’m trying to create objects that will combine with existing physical objects. ATM the only method I have is to start a print and cross my fingers. Any help would be appreciated. Mahalos!