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  1. Bella

    Model not opening correctly

    The file is opening, however, I have triangles when I mostly had quads before...Like there are some spots where the topology just bugged it seems. Was it like this for you or is it just when I open it? And I am sorry but I have no idea what you actually meant here : I am super new to 3DC and am a student in 3D modeling - I just would like to understand where I went wrong for the future I know the topology is quite ugly, my teacher convinced me to use a pro boolean to create this artisanal necklace, to give the welding effect - but I swear had I known how hard it was to Unwrap I wouldn't have done it!
  2. Bella

    Model not opening correctly

    Here is the model. Here is an example of 'missing faces' - there are about a dozen all over I think. Necklace.fbx
  3. Hello, I have a problem with the import of a file in the UV Room. When I import it as an FBX nothing appears (shift+A doesn't make it appear either). However, when I import it as an OBJ some faces simply disappear! The file is a pro boolean collapsed to an editable poly (mentioning it because it might be important) from 3dsmax 2020. I have tried changing the FBX to 2012, 2018, 2014... and to ASCII from Binary but nothing seems to work. BTW I am using 4.9.05. Can someone please help? Thanks!