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  1. AbnRanger, If I could ask another question: Copy Clay is the perfect tool I need right now on some 3D scan mesh cloning. I'm using the settings I found online: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Fill on Blend on strength 1 Bend Laplacian clear data first press LMB over bumpy area press LMB over smooth area >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> However, after using the tool for about 3 or 4 clone clicks, it always freezes and crashes the program. Should I be using Elastic or some other 'new' settings? thanks Andre
  2. Good call! It was the 3DConnexion driver. I uninstalled, immediate performance boost. No more sluggish, choppy, laggy movement or performance in 3DC. thanks!!!!
  3. Ok, rebooted and deleted options.xml No change, all tools laggy, even moving the mouse w/i the program is laggy, choppy, stutters. DX version same. Move, Rotate, etc.. same as well. Thanks
  4. Hi AdnRanger, Thanks for replying. I loaded the gear from the splash screen , voxelized it at 1 million voxels. Voxel tools sluggish, slow... laggy... What do you suggest next? THanks
  5. Hi Forum, It seems when importing a large polygon count surface mesh into 3DCoat, then voxelizing it at twice the polygon count, the program becomes extremely sluggish and slow. I've google searched this issues, see lots of possible solutions. So far none I've tried are helping i9-9900K 128GB ram Nvidia Quadro p5200 (16GB ram) Windows 10 latest update Happening in V 4.9.12 (Quadro version) Happening in V 4.9.49 (Quadro version) 13mil mesh --> 26 mil voxels very very sluggish. Task manager/performance manager not showing any stress.... very puzzled. Suggestions? (I didn't see any optimization options in preferences)
  6. Andre

    4.9.05 ReProject tool...

    Hi Carlosan, Under Adjust in Sculpt Room. I still cannot locate. thank you
  7. Andre

    4.9.05 ReProject tool...

    Hello Forum, Is this information still current::: Report post Posted May 23 Its an early build with sculpt layers, only for real enthusiasts - Use this build at your own risk! Download it here: http://pilgway.com/files/3dcoat/V4.8/3d-Coat-V4_8-39SL-64.exe Alternative link (starts to works ~1 hour after uploading to main server) http://3dcoat.com/files/3dcoat/V4.8/3d-Coat-V4_8-39SL-64.exe Meaning, if I want to use the Reproject tool in version 4.9.05, I'll need to downgrade? I have the following 'On' >>>>Preferences, show beta tools is = ON ? or do I have to uninstall and reinstall 4.9.06 BETA? many thanks Andre