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  1. Yes, I have been using merge visible as a work-around. (I just dont think I should have to) I think if the 'P' label is there that would be best as far as a visual indicator goes, but then it is likely that internally that will require a lot of -re-work with how the current S/V toggling works and there is the question of what happens when you click it? does it become: a surface or voxels? But now it seems like where this is going is a "universal conversion dialog" somewhere in the UI, that lets you convert between these types: Voxel, Surface, Retopo Object, Paint Object.
  2. Regarding the Voxelization of subdivision preview objects: In this example there is a cube and a cylinder sculpt object. Outside of the telltale name, the cylinder “PolyGroup1” looks like any other surface object in the sculpt room. However, it is not. If you click on the “S” to turn it from a surface into a voxel object nothing happens because in this example it is being dynamically placed there from a subdivision preview in the modeling/retopo room. First, there needs to be some visual indicator in the tree that this object is being generated dynamically from something else. (The name itself is not sufficient) There is a “bracket” convention used when an object has been resampled e.g. “[0.5]Cube” so something like “[Dyn]PolyGroup1” might work? (This should also be used for curves-generated objects) Second, it doesn’t matter if the object is being generated dynamically: you should just be able to click the “S”, and have it voxelized in one move. Right now to voxelize a subdivision preview in the sculpt room, you have to click the "S" and if nothing happens 1) switch to the modeling room 2) hunt down correct the poly group 3) select `Mesh > Unlink Sculpt mesh` 4) go back to the sculpting room 5) find the object again in the sculpt tree 6) click the “S” toggle button again. Regarding retopo primitives:
  3. Not sure if this has been mentioned, but there are a handful of paint tools that work for pixel painting that don't with vertex paint in some way: Transform/Copy tool (clones portions of a layer: ignores depth) Layers > Copy Channels (transfers per-channel data between layers: only can be used with color channels) Freeze > Freeze Border (does nothing) Freeze > Erase Unfrozen (causes causes parts of the surface to stretch to "infinity" ) Layer Clip Mask (ignores depth) Although these may be minor issues I find I need them for doing various hard surface things so it would be really nice to have! Also, the ability to fill with inverted depth would be good!
  4. Been having fun testing all the betas. Noticed the line-type stroke modes are actively re-applied when moving the mouse after making the first stroke. (make a line stroke, then move the mouse as you go to make another, you can see the frame rate drop as it continually re-evaluates the first stroke ) ---------- I have started in the Retopo room on occasion to do rough polygonal modeling. I then use Import in the sculpt room to pull the mesh in and get a nice subdivision surface to work on. I think that's really cool and would do that more often except I can't "preview" the subdivision surface as I'm working in the retopo room. If some sort of "subdivision preview" was added to the retopo room, people could totally use 3dcoat as it stands for polygonal modeling. ---------- These are some suggestions after thinking about some of the vox sculpt tools. Maybe a bad idea I don't know. Here are the behaviors of 4 similar tools in Vox Sculpt mode using "On-Plane" If we are using something like "Point and Forward Direction" to set the plane and we consider actions along the plane normal moving towards the camera as "Facing" and the opposite direction as "Away" (see attached image), here are what the tools do: TOOL || DEFAULT ACTION | INVERSE ACTION | BRUSH STROKES | LASSO STROKES .................................................................................................................................................................................... Plane || Removes Facing | Adds Away | Yes | missing in 4.9 2D-Paint || Adds Facing | Removes Away | Yes | missing in 4.9 Sphere || Adds Facing | Removes Facing | Yes | Yes Blob || Adds Facing | Adds Facing | No | Yes Given this data we know: - We don't need Blob if we have Sphere. - Plane can do everything 2D-Paint can do, it just does it in the opposite direction. Suggested simplifications: - Merge 2D-Paint and Plane as one tool ("Planar"?) and add a "Flip Plane Normal" toggle to the on-plane tool options dialogue. And add lasso modes - Depreciate Blob in exchange for Sphere
  5. Noted Issues Strokes Modes like Vertex Lasso are still missing from key sculpt tools like Vox Hide. (others have since pointed this out ) Paint Layers no longer store depth, but commit it immediately to the surface geometry. (This problem has been occurring in the last several releases. You used to be able to paint depth details on a model in the paint room with depth in paint layers. You could then delete the layer if you didn’t like the details, or dial the depth opacity down to experiment with strength. It was amazing non-destructive workflow that’s now missing.) Brush-Along-Curve spacing of brush samples is still very spread out if the curve contains any linear vertices for vox tools like Smooth, Fill, and Scrape. Noted Improvements The fact that code has been overhauled is great, glad to hear that kind of effort is being done. Love all the new icons and UI cleanup. Paint Layers Folders are so amazing. A great addition! Comments I know its still very much a beta, but I would like to see the above issues resolved over introducing other things like modifiers. Also, paint room layers with depth are perfectly good at doing non-destructive displacement. Since it was introduced, the curves tree and curves editing tools are an amazing and essential part of 3DCoat. However, there was always something confusing to me about the way those tools were presented in the UI (could just be me though). I added an image that has my suggestions, just thinking out loud.
  6. Appreciate all the hard work Andrew has been putting in the betas. Would like to post on the testing thread but I can't. Sorry to post this here
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