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    UV room unwrapped mesh to Retopo room

    Now I have a problem with UV sets not exporting properly from 3D Coat. I have currently 4 UV sets, in 3 of them there is a part of an object but one is empty and I cannot delete it no matter what. Also when I open the exported object in Maya, there is only one UV set named "map1"...
  2. huiAPPOAJx

    UV room unwrapped mesh to Retopo room

    Hey, I have a problem with baking a normal map (from sculpt) on my mesh I unwrapped in UV room, I see no option to port that completed retopoed and unwrapped mesh to Retopo room and bake the normal map. Every time I try to bake normal map, the program makes its own unwrapping which is obviously wrong and I don't have any option to choose the already done mesh from UV room.
  3. I came across a problem that I accidentally retopoed half of my project in one UV set and somehow switched to new one so I now have half project in "Default" and half in "default1" haha Is there a simple way to move the retopo object to a different group? Thanks
  4. huiAPPOAJx

    symmetry copy whole group

    how the badword do I apply symmetry to a whole group of objects I sculpted? I tried to apply symmetry one by one but I have like 60 objects I need to symmetrize... plus some of the object disappeared because the program somehow assumed I wanted to copy the empty side... pls help?