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  1. Hi. I recently got a surface pro 7, and am wondering if it's possible that 3d coat will support touch Viewport navigation and pen? Meaning being able to rotate, pan and zoom using touch gestures, and be able to select and paint using the pen. Being a single screen, compact app, 3d coat would be great if it were to have these features.
  2. I would really love 3dc to support colour ID. Maps for assigning textures, I know it’s possible to do it, By using layers in photoshop, but it’s not great, especially when you only have limited layers on your license. i only use 3dc for texturing and this missing feature is driving me to use other (free) software, which is a shame. So, is this something that might be supported in future?
  3. @Benshes Just a quick tip on your unwrap. Unwrap the rims of the barrel so they are straight! they are round at the moment, and take up almost half your texture page. Ive done a quick screenshot sketch to show you how it could look. you need to maximise UV space so you can show off the extra details made in 3d Coat Also, in this video link, the guy explains unwrapping very well. this is in 3ds max, but the principles are the same for blender. Hope it helps
  4. thankyou @Carlosan I will give it a shot
  5. Is there any way to have a direct light attached to the camera? I have an object that Im texturing that has an underside. Unfortunately I cant see the underside texture because of the HDR lighting. If it doesn't exist, a Headlight on the camera that shines on a surface would be super handy. Thanks Matt
  6. Hi there. Is there anyway to put the editor windows on a second screen? or is there a way to switch between full screen texture editor and full screen 3d viewport? If neither are possible, it would be awesome to have 3dcoat do either one of these or both cheers Matt
  7. Yeh, I think the sliders are good but I think a left / right or up down option would be better, and I think a numerical option should be available to every tool.
  8. hey, quick question.. is there a way to rotate, scale, resize and zoom smart materials numerically without those slider buttons? I'm using a surface pro 7, and when using a pen to slide the values up and down using the buttons, it causes excessive sliding which leads to an over/under scaled material. cheers matt
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