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    Question before buying

    Hi Carlosan, Thank you for your reply. When I have UV'ed and painted a texture, is the texture baked and saved as a single bitmap or can I save out separate normal, diffuse, secular maps etc plus any alpha chanel info? Thank you, Nige.
  2. barnabythebear

    Question before buying

    Hiya, I really don't know much about 3D Coat, I have only just seen the Black Friday deal. I downloaded the demo but don't think I'll be able to test it properly. I just wan't to know if the layer for the Amateur version are for textures (not any mesh layers that may be available)? Also, I'm not sure if this workflow is possible - import base mesh and add detail, paint and export fully textured end result as an .obj? Do I have to UV map a mesh before painting? Thank you, Nige.