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    Reduce surface poly count

    Hiya all, Whilst I'm waiting for the new version of 3D coat for mac with the fixes to retopo, I was wondering if there was another way to reduce the poly count before I take my scene into the Paint room? Thank you, Nigel.
  2. barnabythebear

    Crash on Auto Re-topo

    Hi, Thank you, hope it's not too long away Nige.
  3. barnabythebear

    Crash on Auto Re-topo

    Hiya, I'm ready to auto retopo my mesh but every time I have tried to do auto retopo 3D Coast rashes. Every Time. It never happens at the same point but at someplace close to the end of the process, especially after defining the stroke direction. Mac OS 10.14.6, iMac 27'' 2019. 3D Coat 4 9.02 Thank you, Nigel.
  4. barnabythebear

    Score fine line

    Hiya, Thanks for the video links. In the end I used the split tool and put a little fillet on the toughing edges with the smooth tool. Thanks, Nige.
  5. barnabythebear

    Score fine line

    Hiya, I've been playing with the sculpt tools but I can't find one that does precisely what I want. I'd like to score some fine straight lines into a surface. Thank you, Nige.
  6. barnabythebear

    [Solved] Add radius to hard edge

    HI, Great! That worked a treat nige
  7. barnabythebear

    [Solved] Add radius to hard edge

    Thanks, i'll give that a go later today
  8. barnabythebear

    [Solved] Add radius to hard edge

    Hiya, I have a cube with a square Boolean cut out through it. I would like to put a radius on the edges created by the Boolean. Is this possible? Would it be a special brush? Thank you, Nige.
  9. barnabythebear

    Object selection

    Thank you Carlosan, That was very useful! Nige.
  10. barnabythebear

    Object selection

    Hiya, Really struggling with this app. I think I'm expecting it to be like a traditional modeling app. I can't understand how I can create a multipart model (surface) and select between the parts I make. Is there a selection tool? If I an another primitive, the first one disappears. I have some credits for the new material site too, can I export these surfaces as jpegs and use them in another app? Thanks, Nige.
  11. barnabythebear

    PBR Smart Materials Store Beta !

    Hiya, Sorry if this has been covered. Can these be downloaded or exported from 3D Coat as a set of jpegs? I've pretty much given up with 3D Coat but I had brought some credits. Thanks, Nigel.
  12. barnabythebear

    Modelling from Scratch

    Hi, Thanks for the response. I have experimented with obj and FBX. Is there a way to import a mesh with multiple objects and each object get its own layer, or a least it editable/paintable as a single object? Thank you, Nige.
  13. barnabythebear

    Modelling from Scratch

    Hiya all, New user here. I'm having a lot of trouble bringing geometry over from Silo3D so I have been looking at modelling my project from scratch in 3D Coat. Are there any tutorials for starting to draw with polygons, lines and curves and extruding, sweeping them etc? I'm really struggling as I find the interface confusing. Should I start this sort of project in the sculpt room? I have manged to draw a curve but I can't find out how to drop the tool and leave the curve in place. Thank you, Nige.
  14. barnabythebear

    Very new to 3DCoat - How to start a project

    Hi, Thanks, will try that. Nige.
  15. Hiya, I have a model that I whipped up in Silo3d that I thought would be a good place to start my fist 3DCoat project. I can't seem to bring it in and have access to each component to work on. I would like to paint the woodwork and add some detail to the wall, path and road. Would it be better to make the wall, road and path from scratch in 3DCoat? If I want to use the paint system would it be best to import each bit one by one and save? The project will be rendered in Electric Image. Thanks, Nige. .